The Ultimate Guide To Hire A Remote Team For Software Product Development

The Ultimate Guide To Hire A Remote Team For Software Product Development

Hiring a remote team to develop your software is a great financial and operational decision. Post-pandemic, the business world has adapted to working from home without losing productivity and is expected to grow even more.

Remote operation is best suited for the IT Industry as operations were least affected. In this case, you can think of hiring a remote team to develop a software product that meets your requirements. The team doesn’t need to join your in-house employees and come to your workplace. You can always hire people on a contract basis from any part of the world for efficient workflow. The software development remote team members can be hired and re-hired for top-notch output. Such a team is known as the remote dedicated software development team. Either you can directly hire dedicated software development teams from a company or choose to build your own.

Why Hire a Remote Software Team?

No limit on Development skills

The right development skills required to build software that aligns with your business logic should not be limited to your local area. You may hire people with exceptional knowledge and development skills that would best implement the software you planned.

Outsourcing is the key

With an increase in IT Outsourcing services post-pandemic, you can reduce the costs of expanding your workspace area. The global market size of outsourced IT services has gone up to 92.5 Billion USD in 2022. You should consider software outsourcing to a dedicated remote team while continuing your current operations without delay.

Unload the in-house team

Your in-house team is already loaded with enough work. To create a space for a new project, your team would be overburdened with work. It might hinder their current work quality and disrupt your output. Hence, hire offshore software developers to build software that matches your business operation.

Slashing Costs

If you choose to build an in-house team for your software development, you may have to spend more on employing people or pay more to your existing team. By employing more people, you have to bear the true employing cost and skyrocket the budget of the project. The cost to hire a software development team is much lower than an in-house employee.

High Engagement

The remote dedicated software development team is always working towards building the software. The in-house team has several operations to perform besides software development. This directly differentiates the quality of the product developed depending on the levels of engagement.

How to hire a remote software development team?

Before hiring a team, you need to be clear about your software. The need for software in your operations, technologies that might be involved in developing it, and the kind of problem it solves. Consider whether the software needs maintenance and upgrades post-development.

Once you define all the software requirements, you can start looking for relevant people to assist you in product development. For hiring a software outsourcing team, you need to define the team size, job roles, expected workflow, and relevant experience of the professionals involved.

For building a remote dedicated software development team, you need to hire developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, QA analysts, and QA testers. The skills of such team members can’t be trusted by just interviewing. Hence, you must list the exact job role requirements in your pre-hiring procedures.

Define Budget and Timeline

The right development skills required to build software that aligns with your business logic should not be limited to your local area. You may hire people with exceptional knowledge and development skills that would best implement the software you planned.

Prepare a List Of Potential Team

  • List all the professionals based on their skill sets and the requirements for your projects. Study their past experiences, portfolios, and projects they have worked on.  
  • Don’t forget to check the proof of work if they are freelancers. 
  • Go through their personal websites, if any. 
  • Get to know about their pricing through their websites and portfolios. 
  • Check for the country of operation to align time zones. 
  • Look out for any language barriers that might arise in proper professional communication. 
  • The most important factor to consider when hiring a software outsourcing team is whether they hold relevant experience in the same field of the operation of your upcoming software.  

Technical Interviewing

A single interview can never judge the skill set required to develop and manage software. Unlike other job profiles, communication skills and work experiences are not enough to showcase the expertise. In the case of the remote software development team, you need to hire people for complex job profiles like developers, designers, and testers. Guessing the abilities of such job profiles is not a one-time thing but a process.  

You must continue the recruiting process of the candidates for offshore software developers until you match the requirements. The process should follow Technical interviews where you test their real-time software development skills and problem-solving abilities. Multiple rounds of such interviews would help you to gain insightful information about the decision to hire.  

Apart from development skills, you must consider the candidate’s willingness to work, professional behaviour, responsiveness, and openness to constructive criticism. Usually, 4-5 technical interview rounds take up one month of the recruitment process. 

The process is simpler if you plan to sign a contract with a remote dedicated software development company. You must check the company’s years of operation, relevant experience, work culture, time zone, and workflow. The clients of such companies can provide you with an overview of their service. 

Sort Out The List

After interviewing candidates and companies, you must sort out the list as per requirements, experience, and expertise. Cut down the candidates who exceed the cost of hiring a software developer and the project’s budget. Narrowing down the list would bring you 3-4 ideal professionals for the job role. Furthermore, you can conduct more technical live assessments to hire the best offshore software developers. 

Establish Pricing Model

Choose a dedicated pricing model with full-service software development with maintenance. This pricing model lets you choose a team to report to your in-house team and offers room for scalability with extra chargeable inputs to add more product features. You can easily hire a remove software team depending upon the results. The maintenance plans open up the possibilities of upgrades and future development with the assistance of the testing team.  

Opts for an engagement-based pricing model to hire professionals for their number of inputs and times of engagement in the project’s development. This model is usually preferable when working with freelancers or building a team.  

Set a Project Vision

You must discuss your tentative software development timeline with the remote dedicated team and consider their inputs to produce the deliverables. Both the client and service provider must agree on the set timeline and requirements to clearly understand the project vision. 

Set some Key Performance indicators for upcoming weeks and months to understand the inputs and their outcomes by the remote dedicated software development team and the progress.  

Sign a Contract

Sign a contract with with mutual understanding and hire dedicated software development teams to start the project.

Integrate the Software Team 

If you are building a remote dedicated team, it is very important to let them engage with each other. You can start with introductory sessions about the details of the project and the professionals involved. 

Whether you hire dedicated software development teams or a group of professionals, you must integrate them with your in-house team and representatives. Studies show that effective workplace collaboration produces better business outputs.  

While working with a remote team, you must work effectively to break language, cultural, and distance barriers for seamless operations. This can happen with the right management and time-to-time communication. You can choose to provide access to your management tools and CRM to the remote dedicated software development team for effective communication and management. 


Hiring a software outsourcing remote dedicated development team is appropriate for your business operations. The remote dedicated software development team saves your in-house team from workload, builds efficient software, and cuts your costs effectively.

The hiring procedure for such teams needs a strong foundation of effective documentation of software technologies and job role requirements. After conducting various technical interviews and assessing the skills of potential professionals, you can hire a team of remote offshore software developers to launch your project.

Vikas Agarwal is the Founder of GrowExx, a Digital Product Development Company specializing in Product Engineering, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Web and Mobile Applications. His expertise lies in Technology Innovation, Product Management, Building & nurturing strong and self-managed high-performing Agile teams.

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