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We’re on pace to create a cutting-edge generative AI solution, following in the footsteps of the generative ai developers. Here’s how Generative AI can help your business grow.

Empowering You to Achieve More

Our services increase productivity by using the power of generative AI to improve your team’s skills. Thus, when productivity is high, decisions are made quickly, and resources are used efficiently. This allows you to accomplish more tasks in less time.

Practical Solutions for Every Business

By automating activities, boosting efficiency, and reducing the scope of errors, you may significantly cut operational costs while maintaining or even improving the quality of your products/services, offering you a competitive advantage in today’s volatile market.

Make your Tasks Automated

Our generative AI development services help you remain ahead of the competition by considerably improving automation in numerous areas of your organization. With AI-powered processes managing monotonous chores, you can better deploy your team, concentrating on innovation and development.

Brings in Innovation

Using generative AI helps you to promote innovation and creativity in your business. We provide solutions that produce content, ideas, and roadmaps that inspire new paths for your business, allowing you to remain ahead of the competition and fascinate your audience

As Generative AI Company, We Serve A Broad Range of Industries

We customize our Generative AI services to meet the specific requirements of various industries, taking inspiration from the adaptability of OpenAI developers.

Increase consumer engagement, early fraud detection, and deep data insights by incorporating GenAI models into the systems. Empower your organization with our skilled staff at our Generative AI company.

Create AI-powered technologies that can assess huge datasets and assist medical personnel. Give patients 24/7 access to trained generative AI chatbots.

Create concept designs for new items and look into industry trends. Use AI to perform a series of simulations to gauge and refine the final product.

For the retail business, our GenAI solutions improve consumer interaction, inventory management, and demand forecasting. By employing data-driven insights, you can increase customer happiness, save expenses, and boost profitability.

Educators can leverage our Generative AI Tools for personalized learning experiences and improve educational results. Our Generative AI solutions can predict individual student success and recommend individualized learning tactics.

Our Generative AI solutions can forecast customer behavior and provide targeted marketing messages, while our Generative AI Technology is capable of improving efficiency, accuracy, and ROI.

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Generative AI Services

Gen AI Rapid Prototyping

With our Generative AI expertise, we create a functional prototype that validates your idea. We focus on creating impactful, innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. We develop a Generative AI POC that sets the foundation for future success and innovation in your business.
Generative AI Consultancy

Generative AI Consultancy

With a well-defined project timeline, CTOs can suggest add-ons to enhance the scope of the project. 
Gen AI Solutions Development

Gen AI Solutions Development

Whether you need a chatbot, a recommendation system, or a predictive analytics tool, we have you got your back. Our fundamental models, such as GPT-4, LLaMA, and PaLM 2, serve as the base for developing intelligent, creative, and versatile generative AI systems that provide solutions to your challenges.
Generative AI Model Replication

Generative AI Model Replication

Want a model that can perform functions just like ChatGPT and more? Our skilled developers use creative methods using potent NLP and NLU to ensure high performance and scalability.

Custom GenAI Solutions

With a well-defined project timeline, CTOs can suggest add-ons to enhance the scope of the project. 

Support and Maintenance

We offer regular updates, bug fixes, and performance optimizations to improve system performance and user experience. As a leading generative AI company, we provide continuous support to guarantee minimum downtime and better reliability. It enables you to focus on fundamental company tasks. At the same time, we monitor your software’s efficiency.

Designing Tomorrow: How we Design your Tomorrow with our Generative AI Solutions?

It took us years to hone the approach for a better alignment with a business team. For GrowExx, understanding a client’s requirements is the only realistic way to create AI solutions.


Understanding your Goals

Through close inspection, we have a thorough understanding of your objectives, challenges, and goals. This helps us to build a solid foundation for success by allowing us to customize a roadmap to meet your needs.


Model Selection

For your project, our experts choose the best generative AI model, such as variational autoencoders (VAEs) or generative adversarial networks (GANs). We adjust the layers, activations, and loss functions in the model to match the complexity of your projects.


Preprocessing and Training

Following that, we prepare the obtained data for training by normalizing, scaling, and augmenting as needed. We then divided the dataset into training and validation sets to evaluate model performance. We begin to train the generative AI model using the chosen architecture, employing powerful GPUs or TPUs for quicker convergence.


Model Fine-Tuning

We assess the trained generative AI model using metrics such as Inception Score, Frechet Inception Distance, and human evaluation for subjective content. Our expert developers fine-tune the model based on input and repeat the training process as needed to optimize its performance.



Once the model has produced good results, we will integrate it into your preferred application or platform. Continuously assess the model’s performance in real-world circumstances and seek user input for future improvements.

Our work

Our Gen AI Expertise that Sets Us Apart

Our Generative AI developers are well-versed in the field of AI. We use the capabilities of Generative AI models to accomplish breakthrough outcomes.

 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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I help clients accelerate their digital growth through software engineering and digital product development.
I also act as an advisor to help guide technology decisions and assess digital growth.

Let us team up and build something awesome !

We can go the Extra Mile for you

Recently, we have witnessed the great potential of generative AI solutions across a wide range of sectors. These innovations have provided previously unseen degrees of automation, efficiency, and creativity to company operations, transforming diverse fields.

Custom AI

Considering each organization has unique needs, GrowExx differentiates itself by offering AI solutions that are particularly designed to assist business objectives and solve specific challenges. We boost the efficacy and reach of generative AI by carefully adapting our services to specific requirements.

Team Mastered in GenAI Solutions

Our team comprises seasoned data scientists, machine learning engineers, and subject matter experts with a focus on creating Generative AI models. Being an expert generative AI company, we use the technology’s potential to create intelligent and dynamic solutions that are specifically suited to your business’s requirements.

Various Engagement

GrowExx recognizes that each company is unique, with its own set of goals, timetables, and budgets. That’s why we provide a number of engagement types, including dedicated, team extension, and project-based approaches.


We are committed to creating generative AI solutions that are moral, open, and legal. We value user security, trust, and privacy, and we understand the importance of ethical AI practices in generating confidence and achieving long-term success.

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Our Technology Expertise

AI Frameworks

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Cloud Platforms

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A kind of artificial intelligence known as generative AI uses patterns found in existing data to produce new images, data, or other outputs. Before generating new data that is different from the existing data, it employs algorithms to identify patterns in the data.

In order to produce new data, generative AI first analyzes vast amounts of data to look for patterns. To create new findings that are both comparable to and different from the original data, it makes use of deep learning algorithms and neural networks.

Custom model training, data preparation, model optimization, integration with current systems, and ongoing support and maintenance are all services we provide as a top generative AI company. In addition, we provide AI consulting services, helping clients choose which generative model use cases would work best for them.

The timeframe for developing generative AI applications varies depending on the project’s total complexity. For example, a very advanced solution with a large feature set might take 10-18 months or more. On the other hand, developing a small generative AI system with few features might take 3 to 6 months. A dedicated generative AI consulting services provider, such as GrowExx, can offer you accurate time estimates based on your specific company needs.

Absolutely. At GrowExx, you have the freedom to choose and hire a developer who fits your project requirements and aligns with your vision. Your satisfaction and project success are our priorities.

The cost of building generative AI application depends on project complexity, time-frame, scope, scale, and personalization. Connect with us right now to get a free estimate.

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