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Skyrocket your technical product development cycle using CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service (CaaS) helps your startup to meet IT goals by hiring a technical expert who specializes in the domain, is well-versed in agile methodology, and has a business-centric approach.
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Why Hire a CTO?

Help your startup facilitate technical business processes and manage involved teams effectively to implement processes by hiring a CTO.
Your software development process needs a capable leader. Hiring a right CTO will help manage software teams and supervise software development life cycles for various projects.
Hire a CTO who will analyze an organization’s technical requirements, initiate an IT project, and manage the teams by examining relevant KPIs to achieve positive business outcomes.  

Maximizing Your Technical Potential with Scalable CTO Expertise on Demand

CTO as a Service (CaaS) is a model that helps startups with a cost-effective CTO compared to a permanent team member with hidden costs. This service offers a variety of technical expertise, domain knowledge, and relevant skill set as per the organization’s needs. The hired offshore CTO masters the technical project implementation that aligns with business logic and the organization’s goal. This service has a well-defined contract with deliverables, timelines, and scalability, unlike hiring a full-time CTO in-house.
CTO Expertise on Demand
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Our Hiring Models of CTO as a Service


Full-Time CTO 

A full-time CTO that stays in the team initiates, implements, and manages the project full-time.

Fractional CTO 

A flexible CTO, on a contract basis, works on the projects and tasks defined by the organization and effectively collaborates with the in-house team. They have domain speciality and relevant experience.

Part-time CTO

Handles all the tasks and responsibilities of a full-time CTO but for a limited time at an affordable price. 
Project based CTO

Project-based CTO

A project-specific CTO collaborates at all three stages of a single project: initiation, development, and implementation.

Hiring a Managed Development Team Led by a CTO for Your Project 

In addition with CTO as a service, you can build a full-cycle development team of GrowExx’s experts for your project. With a managed development team led by a CTO, you can ensure that your project is staffed with skilled professionals who can deliver quality results on time and within budget. 

How does CTO as a Service Work

Early stages of Technical Projects use CTO service to pre-plan and initiate the processes.
  • Pre-planning of the Technical Project 
    A CTO with expertise in a domain and a relevant skill set plans a project to meet a certain IT business outcome. CTO prepares the road map for the project, decides on technical requirements, allocates the budget, and sets relevant KPIs for measuring progress.
  • Technical Project implementation
    CTO uses cloud architecture, coding standards, and development procedures to audit and execute the project within a defined deadline. CTOs make the implementation procedure scalable with some on-spot strategies and technical aspects.
  • Technical Team Management
    A CTO manages the development and design teams with hands-on industry expertise. CTO uses tools for project management and aligns cross-functional workflows in the teams.
  • Post-Technical Project Implementation
    CTOs maintain code audits for quality assurance and control to reduce bugs and security vulnerabilities in the implemented technical project.

Expert Advice on Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies 

A CTO can build a thorough scaling strategy that is specifically suited to the requirements of your project using their knowledge of project scaling and R&D. Additionally, they can help you maintain and scale your present technology as well as build and implement the required technology integrations. 

What do you get from CTO as a Service? 

Product Assessment

CTO assesses your current applications and provides suggestions for scaling and improving efficiency.

Effective management  

CTO evaluates the progress of technical teams and manages them effectively. CTO hires professionals with the right skill and domain expertise to assemble a knowledgeable team with functional workflows.


CTOs perform well in AI ML, Data Science, Intelligent Automation, MVP Development, Web and App Development, Software Development, and Cloud Services such as cloud architecture, audit, and securing the infrastructure.


CTO consulting services provide the best solutions for ongoing, running, and future projects.

Quality Assurance

CTOs manage the teams for code review and handle the aspects of compliance vulnerabilities. 

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Top Benefits of Using CTO as a
Service for your Organization 

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Hiring a full-time CTO is costly and has hidden expenditures. CTO as a Service is flexible according to timeline, budget, and deliverables. 


With a well-defined project timeline, CTOs can suggest add-ons to enhance the scope of the project. 

Domain-special CTO

High-Quality Tech professionals with domain expertise and relevant skill set collaborate and manage the teams. A technical CTO has a vision of a developer and understands the performance of the team effectively.

Business Logic

CTOs have the technical background for the implementation of the project but also have a business-centric approach to developing technical strategies that streamline the organization. 

Facilitating current projects

CTOs enhance the projects running within the organization and improve their technical aspects like frontend/backend development and design. 
Tailored Engagement Models icon

Tailored Engagement Models

A variety of engagement options to meet your goals, whether you need a CTO to lead your team full-time, part-time, occasionally or project based. By partnering with an outsourced CTO, you can gain access to the flexibility and agility required to meet your business objectives. 

Who Can Benefit from CTO as a Service?

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, CTO as a Service can bring significant value to your organization by providing access to top-tier technical talent, without the need for long-term commitments.
For Startups and Emerging Companies 
If you’re a startup or an emerging company, CTO as a Service can help you focus on the technical aspect of your business without having to make long-term commitments or overspend on hiring a full-time CTO. By choosing CTO as a Service, you can ensure that both your technical and business responsibilities are taken care of. 
For Enterprises
Enterprises can benefit from CTO as a Service by leveraging an external specialist who can support the full-time CTO in focusing on long-term strategy while delegating day-to-day technical management to the outsourced CTO. CTO as a Service can also provide project audits for quality assurance and offer technical expertise to support existing employees as needed.

Easy Process by Growexx to Help You Get Started 


Consultation Call 

Book a consultation call with us, where we will discover your business project, requirements, and IT goals. We will prepare a proposal and send it to you.  

Define workflow

Once you accept the proposal, both parties mutually define a workflow and timeline.


Deliverables, KPIs, and IT Business outcomes are set.

Start the project

The project will start after signing the contract with all the resolution of queries.

The Growexx Commitment

  • Years of industry expertise in sectors such as Cloud, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Marketplaces like B2B, B2C, and C2C platforms, Media, Retail, Social, Travel, Education, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Investment, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Experience as CTO as a Service for startups as well as Enterprises.
  • Regular collaboration and follow-ups with your in-house teams.
  • Scalable to include add-ons that enhance IT outcomes.
  • Transparency with continuous measurement of KPIs.
  • Agile methodologies.
  • Security and confidentiality.
  • End-to-end services.
The Growexx Commitment
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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An organization’s chief technical officer manages technical project development and implementation in accordance with business logic to produce desirable IT results. A CTO needs to possess technical expertise, domain specialty, and a business-centric approach.
Technical expertise, domain specialization, programming background, management skills, smart thinking, problem-solving, business knowledge, visionary attitude, continuous support towards coworkers, and leadership qualities.
You must choose CTO as a Service even if you hire a full-time employee because it is cheaper than a permanent role. Hiring a full time-employee comes with hidden costs. A full-time employee has expertise in a single domain and might need help managing teams in different operations and technologies. You can find a variety of CTOs in different areas of expertise and choose to hire/rehire for different projects. There is a scope for scalability, whereas the in-house CTO operates for specific salary and job profiles.
Suppose that you are new in the market and choose CTO as a service for startups, or that your organization is an SME. In that case, CTO as a Service is the best option for cutting down on the costs of hiring a permanent employee and adding options for top-notch scalability by hiring CTOs with the required skill sets.
Hiring a CTO as a Service reduces the workload on your in-house teams. If you are starting a new project, consider hiring a CTO with the domain expertise that your in-house employee might lack.

When leading the dedicated software development team, going through a digital transformation, and reducing the workload on your in-house team, it’s the right time have CTO as a Service for your business.

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