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So, how do you attract the right audience? More than 50% of website traffic comes from organic search. 

Growexx doesn’t promise PAGE 1 rankings; it delivers on its promise. We ensure your products and services cut through the clutter by being extremely visible on SERPs. Growexx has made it a habit of helping clients outrank their competitors through a highly strategic approach toward SEO that guarantees best results. 

We have built a reputation for providing traditional SEO and white-label SEO services backed by a sound knowledge of this domain and the ability to leverage the most effective and the hottest developments for client benefit. We create SEO content that search engines find difficult to ignore and a link juice made up of links from high DA sites to build rankings that stand the test of time.  

Search optimizers at Growexx believe in delivering solutions that help your business Grow- XX, that is, boost growth with an advanced approach that achieves the rankings you want within a pre-determined timeframe.  A combination of proactive and progressive off-page and on-page tactics helps you acquire more targeted traffic that boots business revenues 

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Our Professional Expert SEO Consulting Services

You have a great website! It looks good, is highly functional, and delivers an excellent user experience. But is that enough? Is your target audience visiting your site in huge numbers? The more visitors, the better the chances of conversions and sales. Growexx has helped boost client ROI by 2X by helping them rank better on search results.
Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Our SEO consulting company is an expert in localizing your business to ensure it becomes extremely visible to an audience looking for products and services in their neighborhood. The experts at Growexx are updated about the latest developments in Google’s local search algorithm and use this knowledge to help your business rank on local rankings and local map pack results. So, you can put your business on the ‘map’, locally. What’s more, if you want, we will also make sure it ranks on main organic search results. 
  • Local SEO audits for plugging gaps 
  • Leveraging local citations and review signals
Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Outsource SEO services to experience the most accomplished technical skill sets available on the market. This extensive domain requires special expertise to solve problems such as broken links, low text-to-HTML ratio, faulty website architecture, and more. The professionals at Growexx will take care of all technical SEO needs and ensure your website is exceptionally sound on the technical front, thus driving high rankings on SERPs.
  • Duplicate content removal
  • Technical SEO strategy consulting 
Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis 

This is a crucial requirement for any search engine optimization strategy. We use a potent mix of market segment keywords, product-defining keywords, competitor keywords, short-tail keywords, and long-tail keywords. We also identify the questions your target audience is asking for question-keyword optimization. Our keyword research strategy includes site review, competitor research, keyword segmentation, domain review, reporting, and comprehensive consulting that helps zero in on the right keywords to drive business growth.  
  • Using the latest tools to conduct end-to-end research
  • Creating extensive research keyword reports to deliver critical insights 
Content Creation services

Content Creation 

Many businesses forget that awesome content is one of the critical drivers of business reputation and credible visibility. It is essential to understand that high SERPs are no use if there is minimal brand trust. We strategize, create and market content that informs, promotes, and drives necessary visitor action on your website. Our highly proficient team of writers makes TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content that strengthens SEO efforts in more ways than one. 
  • Identifying suitable topics for creating optimized content 
  • Planning, executing, and monitoring an objective-driven content marketing strategy

Punch Above Your Weight

As a company, you cannot take your competition for granted. But you also cannot look at the competition and think they are too big and far ahead for you to compete. Our outsourced SEO services help you compete with the big boys.
ecommerce seo

Ecommerce SEO

We identify the right keyword matrix, made up of high buyer-intent keywords, and optimize your ecommerce product pages to ensure your ecommerce store and its product pages rank better on search. We also focus on other aspects like website architecture, page loading speed, internal linking and more to deliver high and reliable search rankings.
WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO

Growexx combines its expertise in WordPress and SEO to offer world-class search engine optimization services that aim to get top rankings for WordPress websites. Our experts create and execute custom on-page and off-page strategies, help choose the right SEO plugins and make necessary changes to the website to ensure it ranks at the top of SERPs. 
Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO experts at Growexx have worked on numerous Shopify online stores to improve their rankings. As a result, they have extensive knowledge of the various unique website adjustments that can be made on Shopify to make the Shopify website more search friendly. Whether it is optimizing store structure, removing duplicate URLs, or more, we have got it covered. 
SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit

The question you want answered is – Why is my website underperforming on SERPs? We give you a no holds barred answer with all the insights you need to take the right decisions. Our audit digs deep, evaluates, analyzes and offers actionable solutions that can plug the gaps and deliver tremendous SEO value, if executed.  

Why Work with an SEO Consulting Company? 

Why should you work with Growexx and leverage its SEO strategy consulting expertise? The answer lies in our demonstrated expertise and reputation for providing world-class services for a business or white-label SEO services for its clients. With us, you not only get the best guidance but also can hire SEO experts who can execute this guidance. Growexx focuses on identifying and going after long-term results, ensuring sustainable long-term ranking. Our focus is on building an SEO strategy and implementing the various techniques with an eye on tangible objectives. This allows our clients to measure ROI from our services, clearly.  

SEO Consulting Company
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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Why Trust Growexx to Outsource SEO Services?

Bespoke SEO Services Packages

For Growexx, SEO isn’t an assembly line service wherein we create one strategy and execute it for all our clients. Instead, we adopt a client-first approach to understand client needs and end goals. Our professionals will take note of every aspect of your challenges and fashion a comprehensive SEO solution that strategically builds a powerful presence for your business. This presence is unshakeable irrespective of the changes that will take place in the search domain. 

Expert and Proficient SEO Professionals 

We are the perfect choice when you hire an SEO agency, as we have a committed team of SEOs managing your project. The challenge within search optimization is that it evolves rapidly, and there are constant changes to search engine algorithms. Growexx’s experts not only keep up to date with these changes but also implement strategies that consider these changes and also stay ahead of the curve. There are no nasty surprises that have the potential to bring down even the most carefully crafted SEO plan. 

Innovative, Proactive, and Transparent

We are smart, meaning we develop a user-centric approach to create and deliver the best content and user experience to your target audience. Of course, getting target keywords to perform for you is a critical objective, but so is attracting the right organic traffic to your site, which drives up the conversion rate. So, we innovate constantly and develop unique strategies that help you outrank the competition. All this is done highly transparently, backed by thorough and continuous reporting. 

End-to-End SEO Approach 

We don’t skimp on the approach and make it as comprehensive as possible. Here’s what we do:


We take a good hard look at your current SEO standing, how it compares to the competition and whether it meets your SEO objectives. This includes conducting an SEO audit that identifies strengths and weaknesses and zeroes in on the right approach. 


What will the SEO strategy be like? What are the keywords that must rank, and what is the kind of content strategy that will rank these keywords? These are just some questions that will be answered in the ideation stage. 

Tangible Outcome Identification

We collaborate with the client to identify the measurable goals and the measurement timeframe. Goals are typically measured every quarter with some amount of pre-determined flexibility—a goal-based approach results in more transparency. 


Once the client signs off on the strategy and the performance metrics, our experts will execute the strategies using some of the most advanced SEO and content marketing tools such Semrush, HubSpot and more.  

Refining Strategy

The nature of search engine optimization is such that some strategies will deliver results while others won’t. At Growexx, we believe in constant monitoring and evaluation that helps us make results-oriented changes to existing strategies to achieve better results. 

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It is excellent that you already have a team, but hire a dedicated SEO expert who can be an extension of your team. You add expertise and experience to your existing team without substantially increasing the overhead.
When you use your search engine optimization consulting services for your unique needs and requirements, we treat it as a challenge that requires a long-term solution. As a professional SEO services company, we offer you proper guidance to ensure your website stands out on SERPs.
The cost varies on the needs, and we offer custom SEO engagement models based on the amount of support you require. Contact us to get a quote on our services.
There are no set guarantees regarding the time taken for keywords to rank. This depends on various factors and the effort needed to build an SEO-friendly online presence.
We have worked with a growing list of clients across diverse business domains and have built a strong reputation in the industry for delivering SEO value. Talk to our experts to understand why we are a trusted name in the domain.
SEO has not lost its relevance, and if your business has an online presence in the form of a website, your website must be seen at the top of search engine results pages so that your products and services become the first choice for your target clients/customers.
Growexx offers expert SEO consulting that includes all facets of optimization, and we can help you with any requirements you bring to the table.

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