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Hire a WordPress website development team to build simple, intermediate, and advanced-level websites with customized themes and improved functionalities.
  • Multi-screen compatible websites that work smoothly on desktop and mobile.
  • Follow coding standards as we use multiple programming languages and frameworks to develop WordPress websites like
    • Bootstrap CSS
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • ReactJS
    • Angular JS
    • Ajax
    • JQuery
    • LESS, SASS Frameworks
    • GIT, HeadLess WordPress, and GULP Workflow

Why Hire WordPress Team from GrowExx?

Develop plugins from scratch to align with your business logic. Also, customize an existing plugin to meet your requirements.

Effective switching between Woo commerce plugin modes like Store Mode and Catalog Mode.

Customize the existing WordPress themes like Astra, Avada, Bridge, X-Theme, Engage, and many more to match your brand image and voice.

Securing your WordPress website with Cloudflare implementation.

Integration with Seamless Payment Gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Virtual Merchant for e-commerce WordPress Business Websites.

Use of APIs, especially the REST API, for integrating and developing WordPress websites.

Multiple WordPress page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, etc

Audit your existing code, and fix errors for optimized performance.

GrowExx's Solutions For All Your WordPress Development Needs

WordPress Website Development

Effective lead-generating WordPress Websites that align with your brand and business logic. You can Hire a WordPress website developer, use WordPress-as-a-service, talk to a WordPress consultant, or collaborate with a dedicated WordPress developer.

WordPress CMS

Frontend and backend WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems) offers you the complete functionality for handling your content in a structured and organized manner.

WordPress Design

Designing a WordPress website in accordance with the principles of colors theory that aligns with your Brand Image.

WordPress Advanced Development

Multiple technology stacks to develop top-notch features for your WordPress website operation.

WordPress Template Customization

We perform customization in the templates to enhance the look of your website for SEO purpose and low bounce rates.

Easy WordPress CMS development

A user-friendly website that you can use for your personal blogs.

WordPress Migration

Hire a WordPress expert to migrate your current website to WordPress at a faster success rate.

WordPress Custom Themed

Hire a WordPress designer to build custom themes with functionality to create a user-friendly and attractive website for your brand image.

WordPress Plug-in Development

Developing customized Plugins to add functionality to your WordPress websites.

WordPress Multisites

Developing WordPress multi-sites, and our expertise includes e-commerce sites loaded with features.

WordPress Code Audit and Optimization

We check your WordPress code and perform optimizations for any errors that might be hindering your current functionality.

WordPress Security Audit

Checking your WordPress website’s current security and develop code to enhance protection

WordPress Automated Deployment Process

We develop your website and deploy it in an automated environment.

WordPress Maintenance

Maintain your WordPress website for seamless running and offer you support for continuous operation.

Commitments that Matter

Cybersecurity website

Creating demand driven
web identity for a
cybersecurity product

Assurance by GrowExx

360-degree support

We provide you all with one solution for your website with our effective WordPress development, implementation, and deployment procedures. You can hire expert WordPress developers for customized design of the website and testing.

Transparency and regular follow-ups

With our WordPress outsourcing services, we regularly update you regarding the process with relevant KPIs. There is a responsive Point of Contact between your team and us to speed up communication.

Timely Delivery

Our development and WordPress outsourcing company strictly adheres to the timeline of the project for the delivery of your WordPress product.


There is always room for scalability and add-on features of working with us.


By hiring a dedicated development team, you can cut down effectively on hiring expenditures and hidden-employee costs.

Coding Standards

We use coding standards and a collaborative approach and have our own tech stack that follows industry-standard technologies, tools, and frameworks.

Risk Management

We have years of experience and expertise to cope with any unforeseen technical event and tend to reduce risk as the project progresses.


We provide you with post-development services like maintenance, regular code testing, and error fixing.

Our Engagement Models

We adhere to a plethora of engagement models to meet client requirements to the tee matching the expectations in the process. 

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Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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You can think of migrating to a WordPress Website because you can manage your website on your own. WordPress Website Management doesn’t require any complex tools or technologies for operation. It doesn’t even require a single line of code to manage WordPress.

You can think of choosing WordPress because it is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) that can be used easily by a person with a non-technical background. It has a smooth user experience and easy-to-use functionality. Moreover, WordPress offers easy on-page SEO practices.

Yes, 43% of the Internet uses WordPress as a multi-purpose content management system. This number used to be 31% in 2019 and has witnessed faster growth. Businesses like TechCrunch, CNN, Sony Music, and The Walt Disney Company are using WordPress for their websites. This proves that WordPress has become a “business” from a blogging platform.

There is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. We are talking about WordPress.org, which businesses use, while WordPress.com has a limited capability.

You can hire a WordPress development agency to develop WordPress Websites that align with your business logic. You can hire a dedicated WordPress Development Team with Frontend and Backend developers, UX/UI designers, testers, etc.

No, both are different. A WordPress Developer builds the code to create the website and its functionality. The WordPress Designer works on the look of the website and works with theme customization.

WordPress Development Companies are either directly a dedicated team of software engineers, UX/UI designers, and testers or are white label WordPress development companies that hires subcontractors (or freelancers) to develop WordPress Websites for their clients.

WordPress Website Development companies either use a fixed price model or an engagement-based model on a monthly or hourly fee.

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