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Why your product needs re-engineering?


The idea behind product re-engineering is to by incorporating new features and functionality into it. It is all about modifying an existing product and fixing its bugs and flaws, adding new features along with ensuring lowered down times.

In other words, when we need to update the software to keep it in the current market, without impacting functionality. It is basically a process where the design of software is changed, and programs are re-written.

Re-engineering Objectives:


To provide a cost-effective option for systems evolution. A story map to categorize the roadmap


To perform activities involved in the maintenance process.


To distinguish between software and data re-engineering and to explain the problems of data re-engineering.

Are You Facing these Problems?

  • Contradictory code dependency on legacy devices
  • Features are no longer in congruence with evolving customer needs
  • Inept plan of action
  • Poor user experience expanded complaint rates
  • Legacy systems’ performance is failing to meet business needs
property management platform

Property Management System for Canadian Landlords

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Why Choose GrowExx?

At GrowExx, our topmost priority is to provide product reliability, flexibility, scalability, maintainability, by reducing its cost, fixing bugs and flaws, and adding new feature to enhance the performance of the product with same functionality.

We provide end to-end solution from reducing costs to reducing risk. Our experts help you in developing the product by re-engineering and helping your team understand the product enhancements better.

Our Digital Product re-engineering process

We place users in control of the interface and make it comfortable for them to interact with the product.

Agile process of a Web Application Development Company
  • Deciding Objective
    What to re-engineer. It is a whole software or part of it
  • Understanding Existing Process
    What are the flaws on the existing product
  • Perform
    Reverse engineering, to obtain specification of existing software
  • Program restructuring
    Restructure the program or removing flaws
  • Evaluating new structure
    Evaluating how efficiently the new program is working
  • Optimization
    To get the software re-engineered
  • Final Testing
    Test software whether it’s working properly or not before launching.
  • Deployment
    Finally launch the re-engineered software.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Applying continuous improvement time to time for better performance
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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Product Re-Engineering is all about upgrading an existing product. It is about fixing software bugs and flaws, adding new features along with ensuring lowered down-times. The idea behind product reengineering is to enhance the performance of a digital product (Mobile App, Web App) by incorporating new features and functionalities to it.

It depends on the goals and perceived outcome from the product at the initial stage. The scope of work includes a product audit (including design and code audit), fixing existing issues, adding new features, enhancing popular features, setting feedback mechanism etc.

Product re-engineering service comes to rescue when you do not have the right skill set to understand and develop a product from scratch. Our software and web development experts help you in developing the product by re-engineering and helping your team understand the product enhancements better.

It can be anything between $5000 for audit to $50000 for a product overhaul. It also depends on the type of technology used, design methods, targeted number of users, changing features according to feedback etc.

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