Source Code Audit Services

Source Code Audit Services

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Why is Growexx the right partner for source code audit?


Identify errors and security vulnerabilities to protect your software from harmful damage.


Stay mindful of how your application works and evaluate current procedures.


Improve customer satisfaction and scale to get your business scale to the next level.

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Efficient Code Audit Services Process

Our source code audit service’s variety of audits helps you operate bug-free software at optimal speed. Our code audit service makes the product development process smooth, quick, and cost-efficient.


Audit Process for web
Audit Process for Mobile


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Source Code Audit:
Optimize Your Software With Result-Driving Outputs

Counter interruptions that slow down your application system with our systematic and economical
IT audit consulting services and solutions.

Architecture Audit

Our architecture audit solution pinpoints the flaws in the architecture of your software system and suggests important configurational changes for better system administration.

Frontend Audit

You can improve user interaction with your brand with our front-end IT audit consulting services. Guarantee a smooth customer journey with the proper placing of elements with which customers interact.

Database Audit

Our database audit helps you govern the data most securely and authentically. Our database source code audit report helps you develop an efficient database monitoring system.

Application Code Audit

Our application source code review brings transparency to the quality standards of your application. Using our audit report, you can plan necessary transformations that boost the company's growth.

Our Robust Code Audit Service Delivery Pipeline

Source Code Management

Source Code Management

We track modifications to your source code to prevent conflicts and keep every code element updated.
Code Quality Control

Code Quality Control

We check whether the code is complex, has code duplication, lacks proper testing, or has any styling issues. This ensures that the codebase is readable, secure, clean, and efficient.
Application Code Audit

Application Code Audit

We audit your application’s source code to help you get a clear picture of its performance, pinpointing the problems within the system.


We compile the source code into binaries to ensure the code is functional and ready to be tested.
Unit Testing

Unit Testing 

We ensure the source code works as expected by testing individual components of the code and verifying whether they provide correct output at each process step. 
Semantic Versioning

Semantic Versioning

We track our changes by maintaining a robust versioning system that helps us track the changes, upgrades, and patches we make to our code base. This provides us with a clear understanding of the evolution of our code.


We provide a flexible DevOps solution to provide end-to-end automation and management of the artifacts and binaries created above to improve the auditing system’s productivity.


We notify about all the activities that occur in the auditing process to maintain a transparent and error-free working environment.
Promote Artifacts

Promote Artifacts (Test/Staging)

We move artifacts to the next stage to keep them ready for further testing to preserve a clean and trouble-free auditing process.
Automation Testing

Automation Testing

We test software with suitable frameworks and testing tools to confirm that your software fulfills the intended requirements.
Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing

We care if your application is meeting the end goal and serving its purpose with maximum effectiveness.
Promote Artifacts To Production

Promote Artifacts To Production

After clearing all the testing steps successfully, we advance to the production stage to bring you exactly what you want.

Why Growexx for Source Code Audit?

Years of Industry Expertise

We are certified professionals who provide actionable steps and guidance to our clients. We provide research-focused analysis that assists companies in growing at a faster rate. 

Agility and Flexibility

We follow an agile approach to provide solutions faster and adapt according to client requirements. Our audit process furnishes faster reporting by following adequate strategies and processes.

Efficient Risk Management Solution

Our well-designed code audit plan generates practical risk management solutions for our customers to stay safe during uncertain times. We provide 360-degree support with our detailed source code audit report.

Collaborative Team

We believe in effective collaboration to deliver better customer outcomes. Our collaborative practice brings clarity while operating by comprehending problem statements successfully.

Source Code Audit Solutions, For You, By GrowExx.

software code audit report
  • Automated Code Audit
    Highly preferred among source code review services, automated audit utilizes industry standard tools and frameworks to test and report.
  • Manual Code Audit
    Performs manual inspection of the software code audit.
  • Static Code Audit
    We perform Static Code Audits by providing a short overview in the smart report with detection and auto tests.
  • Advanced Code Audit
    Diving deeper into your software's programming languages, models, approaches, frameworks, architecture, UX/UI, implementation, deployment, and security fronts.
  • Custom Code Audit
    Add the areas of interest you want to test or locations custom to your software.
  • Smart Report
    Detailed Report of all Code Audit.
  • Recommendations
    Actionable Steps to avoid current issues for effective operation.
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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The most significant and reliable solutions to review source code are SAST (Whitebox) and DAST (Blackbox). Both of the technologies complement each other and are easily applicable before the release of the software. Pantesting methodology uses both of them to test the Code. 

No, it can be located through OSWAP solutions. Following the secure coding guidelines of OSWAP during development procedures. The software can easily avoid any security-related vulnerability.  

The cost is dependent upon
  • Size of the Software.
  • Experience in IT audit consulting services.
  • Involvement in Third-party integrations.
  • Budget of the Organisation.
  • Timeline.
  • The architecture of the software.
The timeline is dependent upon  
  • Size of the business.
  • Software.
  • In-development (unreleased) software/fully functional software with access to multiple users,
However, it usually takes 2-3 days for small businesses or proprietorships and 1-2 working months for large organizations.

If your software is unreleased and in the early development stages, you should go for a code quality check regularly or shortly before the launch, as it is easier and cheaper. For fully functional or developed software, periodic code reviews are recommended.  

The duty of Source Code Quality Assurance is to locate the errors or vulnerabilities in the software via a detailed report. A set of actionable steps or recommendations. Post reporting, most of the job of a quality assurance team is over. It is the duty of developers to build functionalities that don’t cause repeated errors and resolve the current software issues.  

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