Digital payment solutions for small businesses

Digital payment solutions for small businesses
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After successfully launching the first vocational EdTech platform in the UAE, the founders thought of extending the reach of their payment system- KiddoPay to serve other businesses as well.

The idea was to create an all-in-one digital payment solution for small and medium businesses across the UAE. And then to keep adding features according to user feedbacks and suggestions.

We came into the picture at this point. The first decision we took was to build a parallel system to KiddoPay which will cater to a larger pool of users i.e., small and medium businesses. However, scaling it up quickly and keep adding features according to the initial feedback was a task to reckon with. The stakes were high, the challenge was to create a system which will be used by thousands of SMBs, hence security was of prime concern, which was to be taken care of by IT experts.

The product was being built in two parts- one where all the merchants will get enrolled and manage their payments- a CMS, and the other where their customers will use third party payment gateways to pay. We were going to have a QR code and a web link for each enrolled business by using which their customers can make payments to them.

Also, to provide better options to a few large retailers, we also included Easy Installment Payment option in the system. So, the MVP would consist of features that will target all kind of businesses in one go.

The solution

Design and navigation for low-tech savvy

We pinned on to keep a minimalistic design to ensure minimum screen views in order to get maximum merchant enrolling, which was our targeted audience. These guys are not tech-savvy and hence we ought to keep the experience simple yet impactful. Each merchant had their own CMS structure from where they manage payments and keep books. Applying “double-sided” marquee strategy helped arrest the interest of both those who wanted to adopt digital payment system for their business and also those who wanted a safe, secure and hassle-free payment system. Hence, by enabling the opportunity to exchange desired value to users at both ends, the project could emerge into a meaningful digital payment solution for small businesses.

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Self-explanatory features

What would small businesses across the UAE want in their all-in-one-shop stop for digital payments? A smart real-time dashboard, a payment reminder system, a system which can manager bulk payment request and process transactions faster, a VAT calculator. The list goes on. And it was an absolute necessity to include these features in the initial version of the product to attract merchants. Hence, technically, the first version was going to be more than a minimum viable product.

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Payment Gateways, transactions, security, and much more

Our team delivered a robust tech system for payment gateway integration in a prior product, named ‘KiddoPay’. The idea was to adopt the concept and present it to SMBs. As we have already pulled off a herculean task of Amazon-Payfort integration, we had a good start in this project. However, payment integration for Web App was a challenge we faced difficulties integrating Apple Pay in web browsers. The overall system had to be scalable as it was expected to receive thousands of payment requests simultaneously.

Digital payment solutions for small businesses-payment gateway

Taking care of Ever Evolving Requirements

As we successfully completed Payfort integration, we can now offer ERP solutions to small and medium businesses in the UAE, which would cost them less than any other CRM software.

Moreover, their customers could choose between standalone payment with no tech integration or API/SDTP integration.

We have a never-ending list of features to work on – merchant loans, BOTS, E-wallets and BNPL, and other loyalty programs.

Technologies used



While the Agile process itself is a lean method for the application development life cycle, GrowExx demonstrated an approach that aimed to make it leaner. This resulted in evident gains – minimal wastage of resource & time, blistering development with greater clarity of user requirements and successful completion of the project in a time-bound manner.

The pandemic helped a lot in getting everyone online and hence, the system boasts of more reach than ever expected. We hope to capitalize on the behavioral change of the larger section of society in a timely manner that benefits everyone

digital payment solutions for SMEs


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