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Future-Proof Data Storage

GrowExx offers Snowflake consulting services that leverage this unified, fully-managed solution to remove the data silos in your organization and help manage your data optimally. We help implement a Snowflake environment that enables you to store all kinds of data in one place, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. With Snowflake, you can leverage external data at the same speed and scale as internal data. With our Snowflake services, you can leverage this platform to not only store data but also integrate, analyze, and share your data across the organization safely and securely.

Our Snowflake developers deliver Snowflake data services that build the Snowflake Data Cloud framework that addresses all your data requirements. From consulting to Snowflake development, integration, configuration, performance tuning, and more, we use our expertise in data science and agile development practices to help you unearth unlimited possibilities with data using Snowflake.
The Data Cloud enhances the performance of your organization’s critical workloads. Hire Snowflake developers to benefit from this platform’s various features and functionalities. Our developers ensure proper Snowflake infrastructure is implemented so your business benefits from scalable data warehousing, critical business intelligence, and actionable data analytics.

Snowflake Platform as a Service

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Snowflake Consulting

This is where our data scientists and Snowflake experts tell you why you need to use Snowflake. We understand your business’s data framework and IT architecture and how Snowflake cloud architecture can bring more value to the processes and systems. Our experts will analyze your data requirements and associated challenges and design a strategic approach toward data management and automation backed by Snowflake Data Cloud and curated applications and data services that can be integrated with Snowflake.
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Cloud-based Data Warehousing

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing solution. We leverage this platform’s core functionality to create custom data warehousing structures that are more cost-effective, highly scalable and quickly meet your data storage needs. By building, deploying, and operating your applications on Snowflake, you can roll out new features faster as our solutions ensure the infrastructural complexity of these apps will be managed effectively by Snowflake, and you focus on app innovation.

Data Analytics Integration & More

Growexx’s Snowflake data services help you connect your data analytics tool of choice, such as Tableau, and Power BI, with Snowflake data. As a result, reduce the time to request access data and make Snowflake your single source of truth for all meaningful and trusted data. Our data engineers will help you bring all types of data into the Snowflake model seamlessly, so you can make real-time decisions that result in business growth and beat the competition. In addition, our integration services ensure your Snowflake environment is the center of your data management efforts and the single trust repository of all critical data.
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Maintenance & Support

Our job doesn’t end post-Snowflake consultation, migration, development, and integration. GrowExx understands that using a new approach toward data warehousing takes time to optimize and requires a sustained hands-on learning effort. We provide able and continuous guidance throughout the Snowflake journey and remain on hand to ensure you make the most of the Snowflake platform-as-a-service. We recognize that all businesses want to experience high ROI from their tech investments and deliver the support they need to maximize Snowflake returns.
Business Intelligence Solutions

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Why Trust GrowExx
for Snowflake Consulting Services?

Snowflake Experts

We have long-standing know-how of offering Snowflake consulting services underpinned by our extensive Snowflake expertise, including implementation, integration, migration, and much more. Couple this with our data science and management expertise, and clients can experience a tremendous data advantage founded on a robust Snowflake framework.

Comprehensive Strategic Approach

We offer an extensive range of Snowflake services that adhere to a thorough process, including requirements gathering, data mapping, data structure identification, proof of concept, and deployment. We act as your long-term Snowflake technology partner that takes your business through all the steps needed to move to a virtual data warehouse.

Value Driven Delivery

GrowExx has built a rock-solid reputation on the market for delivering custom Snowflake solutions as per client requirements within the designated budget and on time. This is very important to us because apart from developing high-performance Snowflake solutions, the value of Snowflake deployment is also assessed by the cost of the entire project and whether it was delivered within acceptable time limits.

A Data Company

GrowExx act as a data company aims to help businesses maximize their returns from Snowflake investment and covers consultation, integration, migration, and more. We also offer custom services that address any specific Snowflake-centric need your business has to optimize Snowflake potential fully.
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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Our Engagement Models

We adhere to a plethora of engagement models to meet client requirements to the tee matching the expectations in the process. 

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It is crucial to evaluate the performance of your existing solution, to know whether it is holding you back with limited integration or the ability to scale. As your business needs grow, you need a solution that scales accordingly, and there is nothing better than a scalable, accessible, always available SaaS solution like Snowflake.
As a leading Snowflake consultancy, we ensure that your Snowflake journey is outcomes-focused and seamless. We help you understand the ins and outs of Snowflake and how it can act as a single source of truth and accessibility for all organization data, and how you can optimize its use. We will also sort out any teething problems you might face and work with you till you confidently use its various features and functionalities.
The cost of using Snowflake depends on your business requirements. As it is a SaaS platform, it is offered via a subscription-based model, and you pay per use across its multiple editions.
We bring a wealth of Snowflake experience and expertise to ensure you can optimize Snowflake to make your organization as data-oriented as possible.
Our charges differ from one project to another, and we offer clients different engagement models, to choose from. You can select a model that you believe delivers the most value.
GrowExx understands the need for accelerated go-live dates and works with clients to meet demanding deadlines. However, the project timelines depend entirely on the project’s scope, scale, and complexity.
We adhere to comprehensive NDAs and have enforced extensive security data protection protocols that govern our processes. As a result, your data and any confidential information you share with GrowExx is safe and secure.

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