Business Intelligence Solution built on Big Data for Internet Telephony Enterprise

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The customer looked for experienced software engineers to work as their extended team and assist them in providing business intelligence solutions built on big data.

VoIP is a real time application running over the internet. Since VoIP data co-exist with other data on the internet; extracting, transforming, loading, and analyzing the selected VoIP application is a tedious task. The challenge was to meet the industry requirements of speedy data processing and performance as well as strict standards to ensure data security.

Our team offered a detailed technical proposal before signing the contract. For example, we provided the client with a paper containing the facts about our company, team composition, list of frameworks, libraries, programming languages, databases, and cases, etc.

The solution

Working as an extended team

The client also uses Agile methodology to run projects. With scrum, engineers adhere to a certain set of rules and follow the same end goal; managing and monitoring such teams become super easy. This results in clear communication and organized project management. Our highly skilled engineers were hand-picked for this task by the client. A greater benefit they get from this model is flexibility, our team is flexible about changes in the scope, requirements, and priorities. Also, when it came to scaling the team in the later stages, the client got access to a greater pool of talent to choose from.

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Mandate – Present data in the most logical way

The client is multi-national giant providing B2B VoIP solutions to multiple businesses. Our team, working as an important extension of their overseas talent-pool, decides what data to analyze and then start off with the raw files i.e., data lakes. The team, then opts for Snowflake ETL, which refers to the extraction of relevant data from data sources, transforming and then loading it into Snowflake. Thereafter, with the help of data visualization tools like Tableau or Power BI and programming language like Python, the team prepares the final data report –sometimes in graphical structure – to be sent to the client.

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At the end of the end, our mandate is to create Queries, the data may be generated by Structured Query Language (SQL) or as graphs, pictorials, or complex results such as trend analyses from data-mining tools. Our job is to maximize the speed and comprehensiveness with which the data can be extracted, analyzed, and put to use.f

Technologies used

Apache Airflow


The dedicated team of Data Analytics specialists is successfully operating in the client’s international team and is bringing value to the project with competency and innovative approach helping the product stay on top among the competitor – the solution covers VoIP data analysis of multiple companies.

We started with small team of 1 dedicated data analyst and have added 6 more members to the team in the past one year.

Over the course of little more than a year, we have forged a reliable partnership with the multi-national giant that continues to bring better results.


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