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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solution built on Big Data for Internet Telephony Enterprise

ELK Managed Services

ELK Stack as a Service

We provide Elastic Stacks as a service to implement ELK Stack within a few minutes for data extraction, transformation, management, and analytics with exceptional dashboards and visualizations.

ELK Development

Our elk stack developers build customized solutions and added functionalities to the open-source microservices.

ELK Stack Migration

Migrate effectively from your current system functionalities without halting your ongoing operations.

ELK Stack Integration

We help you to extend your ELK stack microservices to third-party tools for improved business operations.

Grow More with GrowExx

Search Capabilities

Search any type of data, whether structured or unstructured, in any format through Smart Search. Full-text search and Elastic Search Development has capabilities of sound search.

Log Management

360-degree log management and analysis.

Automated Replication

Automatic and secure data sharding and replication management to ensure no data loss.

Error Resolution

Microservice architecture quickly located errors/issues for quick solutions.

Manage Data

Large volumes of structured and unstructured data of any format are managed effectively.

Cut-down Costs

Avail of our ELK stack consulting services at attractive prices as no third parties or intermediaries exist.

Build Customer Relationships

Extraction, segmentation, transformation, and data analysis let your organization understand each customer better.

Customer Segmentation

By extracting and analyzing data, ELK Microservices perform effective customer segmentation for pricing and marketing strategies.
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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Why Choose GrowExx for ELK Stack Services?

Infrastructure Analysis

Our highly experienced ELK consulting team believes in analyzing the loopholes in a company's data that prevent it from gaining the desired outcomes. Therefore, before applying the ELK Stack services, we deeply analyze the areas where we must work with the company to give it the required push.

ELK Data Dashboard

To make our clients understand the impact of analyzed data, we prepare comprehensive ELK Data Dashboards with definite metrics and stats. By implementing ELK Stacks effectively during data study, we present our clients with the best interpretation.

All-Round Solutions

We believe in providing multiple services at one go. Our team of experts applies its years of experience and knowledge to curate a service that can provide multiple services simultaneously carefully. Our clients will have to click to experience multifunctional ELK Stacks services.

Strategy Planning

After analyzing the company's data management system, we plan to apply the ELK Stacks. As the three have different roles to play, we plan a certain way to implement them, keeping the company's goals in mind.

Regular Audit Development

The software on which the company works sometimes experiences sudden crashes or malfunctioning. To avoid such problems, we carefully look into the elastic-based system to identify any prevailing problem. We regularly form audits that reflect the root cause of a technical problem.

Our Engagement Models

We adhere to a plethora of engagement models to meet client requirements to the tee matching the expectations in the process. 

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ELK Stack stands for E in Electrisearch, L in Logistash, and K in Kibana. These are a set of microservices that help you to search structured or unstructured data from multiple sources. Furthermore, data is stored, visualized, and analyzed in real-time.
Elasticsearch of ELK Stack is a quick way to search data in any format. This smart technology can even search unstructured data from your organization’s database. The smart search option is easy to use and is text-based. But elk stack developers can add on the feature of voice search.
Log management means using a strategic process to manage and monitor log files. These files are computer-generated data files associated with data operations of applications, operating systems, and programs running on the system. These files are distributed evenly or unevenly in multiple sources in the organization’s database. Log Management is the collection, storage, transformation, and analysis of these log files.
Log management is important for your organization because it helps you locate the source of data and any possible errors related to the applications, operating systems, and security. Effective log management speeds up the organization’s BI and data analytic processes.
ELK Stack assists your organization in providing Microservices to search your data and perform operations on it for analytics, visualization, and BI. The ELK Stack is an open-source solution, meaning you can perform Elastic Search Development. It can be highly customized as per your organization’s needs. It offers exceptional features like smart search, log management, automated replication, error location, error correction, and data management.

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