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The client wanted technical assistance in creating a marketplace for the freelance gig economy. We ensured a quick launch of the first version of the web app in order to get initial user feedback that’d help in scaling the product later. 

The idea was to create a marketplace where freelancers can search for relevant gigs updated by genuine companies and gig posters across the United States and beyond. The new product would use blockchain technology to assist the gig-posters in getting skilled freelancers and help them in verifying the background of the applicants. 

The solution

Smooth onboarding for freelancers and companies

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Thousands of developers and designers are now working full time as freelancers, from the comfort of their homes, and are actively looking for more and more gigs to work on. In the same way, companies are also looking for cost-effective experts to work on their gigs. Hence, they need a marketplace which would give them a better deal and especially, safety of their work and time invested.  

So, it is imperative to have a smooth onboarding process and our team just ensured that. Freelancers can create their profile in no time and can browse through the posted gigs along with checking out profiles of their competitors as well.

The algorithm takes literally thousands of data points to let the freelancers match gigs on the basis of their expertise and interest.

Background check to assist both the freelancers and gig posters

The product utilizes blockchain technology for access, security, and immutability. Background screening and verification is offered to companies at a lower price point and with greater efficiency than currently used methods.

Companies can also create workflows (add questions, audio or video instructions) as part of the gig and also can manage employees and contractors; subject to the plan they have opted for. Gig workers need to go through the workflow set up by the companies as a part of the screening process. 

Background check of both the gig posters and workers is done at the profile creation level. Uploading identity proof, relevant certificates to prove skillsets, and past work in the form of images and PDFs are a necessary step for the gig workers to help companies in screening the candidates better. 

Additional features to enhance user experience

We inculcated both the Whitelabelling and Greylabelling the work done by gig workers in order to respect the demands of the gig posters. 

Similarly, we ensured smooth uploading of documents, audio and video files as part of the gig or gig milestones. 

Moreover, the product generates a W9 form automatically at the culmination of all gigs. This’d immensely help the freelancers and companies based in the US. 

Technologies used


GrowExx demonstrated an approach that aimed to make the agile process even ‘leaner’ for the application development life cycle. Our approach made it possible to complete the mvp development process and launch the product well before the agreed time and the client has also started collecting initial user feedback from early adopters. 

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