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Growexx delivers world-class end-to-end business intelligence software services that help you make sense of all business data coming in from multiple systems and platforms distributed across the IT ecosystem. From enterprise data, sensor-generated data, social data, machine data, and more, our data scientists cover all the bases to ensure data offers the business information you need to succeed.

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Whether you need business analysts, data scientists, expert data engineers, data architects, database admins, or other experts, you can pick from a range of Growexx’s BI expertise to address your BI needs. Only the best data technologists work on your projects dedicatedly to ensure your business gets actionable insights from all the data at your disposal. The core focus is on integrating data from multiple sources underpinned by data analytics to deliver actionable insights.

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Growexx believes in striking the right balance between quantitative and qualitative information, and its business intelligence solutions ensure all data becomes usable, interactive, meaningful, and decisions-centric. Our business intelligence consulting services understand the intrinsic business objectives and evaluate, analyze, build and implement solutions that help achieve those objectives.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solution built on Big Data for Internet Telephony Enterprise

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Intelligence Services

Growexx is a business intelligence services company that removes all barriers preventing you from making data actionable. We offer a range of business intelligence solutions backed by the expertise of our data engineers.
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Business Intelligence Consulting

Why can your business not benefit from meaningful insights that drive positive business outcomes? What gaps must be plugged in, and the opportunities capitalized, to deliver powerful business intelligence? These are just some of the questions our BI consultants answer. We begin by thoroughly understanding your business’s existing data sources, visualization methodologies, and analytics approach to solve your queries holistically.
  • Assessment of existing data ecosystem, frameworks, and strategies
  • Enable clients to make sense of their data needs and where they are faltering
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Business Intelligence Implementation

We help you implement robust, scalable, reliable, and cutting-edge business intelligence solutions underpinned by a strategic approach toward data storage, visualization, reporting, and analytics. The focus is on ensuring you can manage and operationalize data more effectively—the BI solution acts as a single source of truth for your data to accelerate decision-making.
  • Custom front-end and back-end development backed by continuous QA
  • Use platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, and Snowflake for data analytics and warehousing
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Predictive Analysis

At Growexx, our business intelligence experts help you make more sense of existing data sources, determine patterns, and predict future trends that can impact your business and its domain. Our predictive analytics solutions are underpinned by AI, ML, statistical modeling, advanced analytics, and more to deliver data-backed information on how the future can shape your business.

  • Implementing tools like Tableau to predict future outcomes
  • Leverage predictive modeling to deliver better data predictions
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Modern Data Warehousing

Our data scientists use their expertise in data science to bring together end-to-end data warehousing solutions hosted on the cloud, which integrate data warehouses, data lakes, data analytics, and data science. The focus is on enabling organizations with massive amounts of data to store data in a scalable warehouse solution and make it easily accessible across the organization for data cataloging, governance, visualization, and analysis.
  • Leveraging platforms such as Snowflake and more for data warehousing
  • Expertise across technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Oracle Business Intelligence, Apache Cassandra, and Azure Synapse
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Data Visualization

We deliver Business Intelligence solutions in a way that is easily digestible by all stakeholders across all departments. Our experts use available business data and convert it into actionable insights through powerful visualization. We create customized, intuitive user dashboards and use visual elements such as charts and graphs to ensure the business intelligence is presented in a manner that drives faster decision-making.
  • Expertise spans a range of data visualization platforms such as Microsoft Power BI and more
  • Predefined, easily customizable dashboard models
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Growexx offers a complete portfolio of data services, including ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), which enables you to move away from a manual process to an advanced ETL process that simplifies and optimizes data warehousing. Our ETL experts implement the right tool to help you automate the ETL process and maximize the potential of data from disparate sources. With our solutions, data collection and migration become seamless.
  • Drill down proficiency in platforms such as Snowflake that support ETL and ELT
  • End to End ETL service implantation, including extraction, cleaning, transformation, loading, and staging
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Business Intelligence Software Integration and Modernization

Growexx offers disruptive BI solutions that do not disrupt business continuity. We conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of your existing tech stack to ensure seamless integration of the BI solution so that it effortlessly fits the current IT ecosystem. We also audit your existing solution, identify areas for improvement and improve it with new capabilities, data sources, and data storage to ensure it scales to meet your growing business demands.

  • Solutions that address risks and improve overall process efficiency
  • Enhance big data analytics, data warehousing, data intelligence
    and more
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Business Intelligence Maintenance and Support

Data requirements evolve, and so should your business intelligence solution. Our business intelligence services include the ability to maintain and support your long-term BI needs. We can also help you integrate new software or add new data sources with an eye on achieving data-driven objectives and all the time reducing the TCO of the BI solution.
  • Add rich features like predictive analytics, AI/ML capabilities
  • Refine BI system processes to achieve KPIs and long-term value
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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Why Leverage Business Intelligence Software Services?

Sustainable business growth and profitability are driven by maximizing organizational data’s potential, including structured and unstructured data. Data from multiple sources need to be used to facilitate real-time decision-making. Growexx’s business intelligence solutions act as critical facilitators that put vital business intelligence in front of the business’s stakeholders. Our objective is to help you use business intelligence to process and gain value from immense data volumes with business intelligence solutions built to scale. In addition, improving data management and exercising strict quality control can help make predictive decisions that add more value to your organization.

Why Trust Growexx for Business Intelligence Solutions?

Focussed Business Intelligence Expertise

Growexx is a business intelligence agency that prides itself on the quality of its business intelligence solutions. With thousands of years of experience between them, our data intelligence engineers craft the kind of solutions that are tailor-made to meet your business intelligence needs. The Growexx expertise cuts across database architecture design, data modeling, data migration services, KPI calculation, machine learning, data visualization services, and more. You get the best BI technology solutions with us founded on your specific needs.

Cross-Industry Experience

Our experts have experience that spans diverse business domains, including supply chain, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, and more. We mix our data science experience with core business intelligence technology skillsets to deliver custom business intelligence engineering solutions. We create solutions from scratch, adding industry-specific analytical capabilities to improve industry-specific processes. This can include enhancing inventory management, optimizing patient statistics, and more.

Long-Term Partner

We believe that maximizing the potential of data is a continuing process that needs to evolve and change as per the demands of the market and the competition. We aim to partner with our clients long-term to drive sustainable BI results. We keep pace with the latest technological updates and developments in the business intelligence industry to help clients improve their BI assets. We aim to ensure that clients can scale and keep enhancing their BI solutions to get more value out of them.

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It’s great that your business is doing well. But can it do much better and become even more competitive if you could use the data at your disposal better? Our business intelligence consulting services will give you a better understanding of how you can better optimize data potential to fuel business growth.
Having implemented a BI solution is not the same as being able to optimize its use. There might be a case that it does not have the kind of capabilities that can deliver meaningful information. Our business intelligence modernization solutions help address these limitations.
You need business intelligence because your business is sitting on a treasure trove of data that can guide you to make quick decisions that fuel business growth. You can make data work for your business with a comprehensive BI solution.
Different businesses have different needs, and Growexx doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, as a leading business intelligence company, we create custom BI solutions whose cost depends on the implementation’s scope and scale.
Our data engineers are experts in business intelligence software integration that seamlessly integrates with existing tech stack. We ensure that existing processes are not impacted in any way or form.
Our data intelligence services will thoroughly understand the scope and scale of the project to identify delivery timelines and will adhere to strict SLAs to ensure the solutions are implemented within the pre-decided time frames.

GrowExx is a reputed business intelligence services company that understands data safety’s importance. As a result, we adhere to demanding NDAs and implement comprehensive data security protocols to keep client data safe.

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