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We are not just software developers. We are growth drivers and all our services are outcomes-focused. Outsourcing software development services to GrowExx facilitates your digital transformation efforts underpinned by advanced software. We bring cutting-edge technologies, top level software engineering expertise and many years of hands-on software development expertise within reach of companies. With us, you become a software-centric business that has the capacity to emerge as the most competitive player in your niche. 

Our software development company in India provides services that are goal-focused and client oriented. We customize the software as per your business process needs and the ROI expectations. GrowExx believes in offering end-to-end product development services right from software consulting, to design, development, deployment and support. Our developers are problem solvers and see tailor-made software as a solution toward improving the efficiency of a business and its systems.

We offer reliable and comprehensive software engineering outsourcing services across the tech stack including ERP, CRM, CMS, Business Intelligence, AI, ML, Cloud, Data Analytics; and software specific to business domains including accounting, finance, database and more. The focus of our agile software development process is to leverage the potential of the latest technologies to deliver pre-defined business and technology outcomes.

The dedicated software development team at GrowExx follow a comprehensive software development life cycle that follows agile and CI/CD principles. It includes requirements gathering, software ideation, identifying the right tools and software architecture that will meet client goals, help develop the right software architecture. Other focus areas include coding, testing and quality checks, and deployment. Our commitment towards a quality engineering process ensures that our offshore software developers delivers a robust, scalable and high quality software.

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Our Software Engineering Outsourcing Services

Hire software developers from GrowExx and get benefit from their in-depth expertise across a range of services. Today, business growth is dependent on the kind of software being used to bolster and drive business process efficiency. As a leading enterprise software development company in India, we use our strong and growing software development capabilities to create software that drives business growth. 

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Services

Our custom software product development is backed by our evolving capabilities that include advanced application development platforms, mobile platforms, traditional legacy platforms, and also mainframe technologies. This allows us to build custom software that acts as a key driver of business performance and which aligns with all predetermined requirements. Whether it is application customization, modernization or management our software development company in India has capabilities to ensure that you get the output you need to run your business successfully. Offshore software developers create a digital ecosystem, that makes your business more flexible, scalable, growth-oriented

Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

Outdated applications, especially business-critical software is a drag on your business and IT resources. We are experts in updating and modifying mainframe systems and codes that improve app efficiency and deliverables. Our developers focus on addressing the changing needs of businesses and making existing applications more agile and efficient. We employ a drill-down approach towards modernizing apps, which begins by identifying the gaps, and where and how the legacy apps can deliver more value to your organization. We then zero in on modernization models that will help transition app capabilities to meet current and future business needs. 

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Our technology experts provide effective guidance to choose the technologies that deliver the capabilities to help you compete and achieve sustainable success. GrowExx can work with you to create a technology strategy that can be implemented by outsourcing software development services. It is our endeavor to make your company a technology-first company, underpinned by modern software that improves productivity, efficiency, and profitability. We also conduct thorough risk mitigation to support your digital transformation efforts, backed by our software product development. 


Software Maintenance Support

Software Maintenance & Support

Whether it is an existing software or a bespoke software, GrowExx delivers all the support you need to maximize its potential. We track and monitor application efficiency to make continuous improvements and avoid failures. The focus of our maintenance and support services is on risk mitigation and offering on-time troubleshooting support to make sure app problems do not disrupt your business operations. Even high-performance apps require constant updates and modification to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and evolving business. Our offshore software developers and support engineers identify areas for improvement, and enable your move towards software enhancement.
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Why Hire Offshore Software Developers?

It is natural to have concerns about outsourcing agile software development. But, not if you outsource to a reputed company like Growexx. You benefit from the expertise and experience of skilled software engineers who have worked on complex projects and delivered them on time, within budget, and in line with client expectations, every single time. Your business can deploy advanced software, keeping development and resource overheads in control, which help you become even more competitive.

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Why Choose GrowExx as Your Software Development Company in India for Product Development?

Proficient Offshore Software Developers

Our developers have a habit of pushing the envelope when it comes to optimizing the potential of software technologies. This allows them to create extremely innovative and high-quality apps that deliver tremendous business value. When you are outsourcing software development services to GrowExx, you are working with developers with immense hands-on knowhow of the technologies that matter.

Cross-Domain Experience

We have spent a long time in the software development domain and have had the opportunity of working on software development projects for clients across business domains. Each domain has its own set of specific requirements, giving rise to development challenges and their solutions, which in turn provides extensive learning. This learning enables us to confidently create solutions for all needs across domains.

Goals-Driven Approach

As a leading software development company in India, we have built a solid reputation for developing software solutions that deliver value over the long-term. This happens because we found our process on tangible goals pre-decided by the client. Each and every facet of our software development process has an eye on the goals throughout the process, which allows us to come good on client expectations, seamlessly.

 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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Offshore software development enables you to cut development costs and work with an extremely skilled team of developers at GrowExx. A typical software development project requires expertise on different technologies, which might require you to add to your team strength and increase all associated overheads. Why bother when you can outsource to GrowExx and have the best software developer in India?

Customizing a software according to your specific business needs and requirements helps you strengthen your business processes, scale them as needed and effectively meet the growing demands of your business.  

We understand that the software development process will require you to share a lot of business information, which will be sensitive and confidential. GrowExx adheres to strict confidentiality agreements and NDAs that we sign with the client before we begin work. Also, we implement a range of security protocols to keep data safe and secure. 

We offer a range of engagement models to help you leverage our services. Whether it is SaaS application development or any other, we will understand your requirements and identify the right and the most cost effective engagement model for your project. 

Every software project has different requirements and complexities, which impacts timelines. Before we begin a project, we thoroughly map project needs with delivery time frame to zero in on a delivery time frame that meets client requirements. 

We have worked on numerous projects over the years, and we have delivered each one of them on-time and within the pre-determined budget. We sign demanding SLAs that bind us to the budget and delivery time frame. 

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