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AI ML Consulting

Data Engineering

Large chunks of data would make no sense if not processed correctly. Our data analytics experts trace every small and big data through various patterns and tendencies of the business to form understandable data. We ensure that the data we are processing is managed with great attention. We prioritize every part of the data to ensure we get all the smallest details.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Data needs to be handled with care. Therefore, after receiving it, we do not leave out any room for losing it. So we create a reliable data warehouse where the gained information is stored in a complete BI framework, data model, data integration architecture, and a smart database. This makes everything organized and enables faster decision-making.


Business Intelligence

Data can either warn or notify the business about upcoming threats and opportunities. Based on this, the company needs to take actions to tackle them. Our data analytics engineers discuss all sides of analyzed data to plan and prepare better for upcoming situations. We strategically plan solutions that can increase a company's growth after completely analyzing it. This helps in reducing the risks and gives a sense of confidence to the business.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Consulting

Our data experts deeply understand the importance analyzed data can bring to a business. Therefore, arranging data in comprehensive sheets, documents, pie-charts, and statistics help the clients understand it. This enables sound decision-making with complete transparency.

Software Development

Data Management

Our experts handle the data with the utmost attention. After forming a reliable pool of data for the concerned businesses, they go through each of them to create helpful insights. We ensure that the quantity of data is consistently processed, managed, and disseminated to our clients. Every part of the gained data is listed clearly and comprehensively.

Technology Consulting

Supply Chain Analytics

In order to help your business, our experts utilize every supply chain tool to optimize the data to its best. Leaving no room for doubt, we apply effective supply chain tools to reach the end goal for your business. We provide custom-made solutions to deal with different problems using our supply chain expertise.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solution built on Big Data for Internet Telephony Enterprise

Data Analytics Consulting Company

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How GrowExx helps with Data Analytics?

Data Analytics Consulting

At first, we begin with consulting about the business requirements. We understand the aspired targets and other important specifications. Based on that, we maneuver our data formation process.

Data Modeling

Next, we start to organize the data in a presentable form. We comprehensively shape the data into effective data models using various sheets and measuring metrics. The idea is to be accurate with the process so that it can make sense of the client's vision.

Data Analysis & Preparation

Once we have gathered the data, we begin to analyze it, keeping the company's needs in mind. We pay special attention to reports that are prioritized by the business on an overall basis.

Evaluation & Adjustments

We trial and test the models that suit the data in the best way. Our data analytics consulting team closely analyses the areas that match the company's expectations. In this evaluation stage, we target adjusting data with the right metrics to denote the company's performance.

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Data Analytics assesses your data, whether stored or real-time, to extract meaningful information for the organization. This involves data extraction, collection, visualization, representation, and reporting. Data analytics is dependent upon general trends and statistics to drive important conclusions. Once this significant information is obtained, businesses use them to make decisions.
Data Analytics is Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive. The most advanced form of Data Analytics is Predictive Analytics. It predicts further trends based on the existing data, past values, and certain logic. Most organizations require customized predictive data analytics for advanced operations.
Data Analytics is important for your organization because data can showcase some of the most important metrics, numbers, and trends that specify your customer experience. Data-driven decisions help an organization make strategic and smart decisions for favorable business outcomes. It can lead to an increase in your revenue, the enhancement of customer experience, customization, and improved efficiency.

There are many powerful Business Intelligence Software that is used for Data Analytics like

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Klipfolio

The best ones in the industry preferred by most businesses are Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

You can choose a Data Analytics Consulting service to assist you in analyzing your data for logical business decisions. The consulting services offer you 360-degree support in collecting, integrating, and visualization, maintaining reports for your data using powerful software and technologies.

A big data analytics consulting is important because a large volume of data shows important information concerning larger timelines and customers involved. This could drastically change the business decision-making capacities of an organization, leading to enhanced business outcomes.

Big data analytics consulting services use complex processes and technologies to extract patterns, trends, and correlations from large volumes of data using top-notch tools and technologies.

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