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Wide range experience of all industries/ More than a decade in design

From EdTech to FinTech, funding platform to payment software, and from algo-trading software to eco-friendly transport solutions, our designers have worked for products and services in various industries. Our team goes into the skin of each problem and presents a user-friendly interface that offer a solution in the best possible way.


Agile Process

We work on the Agile methodology and have an experienced, self-managed team to deliver the finest results. Our designers work alongside other teams (marketing specialists, developers, etc) on a permanent basis. This has immensely helped in building a self-managed team in which every individual takes ownership of their respective task keeping the larger picture in mind.

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Dedicated design teams

As we offer flexible engagement models to our clients to choose from according to their needs and goals, we provide a dedicated design team to fulfill your demands. Our teams are well versed in delivering high-end business solutions on several tools and technologies. As a result, you get a skillful and organized team that knows what to do.


Fast, Transparent Communication

As we follow the agile methodology model, our team members have developed a sense of ownership of the tasks. We always look up to our daily stand-ups and scrum meets to discuss any pain point or celebrate what other team members have achieved. We also keep our clients involved in all stage of the design process.

AI powered career counselling system

Creating a Product Roadmap for AI-powered Career Counselling System

Our UI UX design Process

We place users in control of the interface and make it comfortable for them to interact with the product


Product Definition and Research

We hold interviews with the clients to know about the problem they’re trying to solve, and the proposed product- what it is, who will use it, and why they will use it. We then create an early mockup of the end-product. We conduct in-depth research, sometimes through interviews, and to get hold on the overall product idea.

Analysis and Design

We create user personas and user stories so that we refer to these as realistic representation of the target audience. We then work on wireframes, screen-pages as they’re the backbone of any product. This helps us in creating prototypes, an actual interaction experience of the user. If the product is large enough, we work on creating design systems consisting of components, patterns, and styles that help both designers and developers.


Testing (Validation)

Validation is an important step in design process as it helps the team in understanding whether the design works with end user or not. We also keep a client demo at this stage to update them about the progress. Feedback regarding the wireframe, screen-pages, important feature pages is collected to make necessary amends.

Creating a UI placing users in control

Impressive UIs instill a sense of control in their users. Keeping the end-users in control makes them comfortable; they will learn quickly about the solution and gain a fast sense of mastery. Our team thinks like end-users which helps in creating easy-to-navigate interface. We try to provide visual cues to the user and maintain a high predictability of the interface to make things go smooth for users with different skill levels.

Making user interface consistent

Maintaining visual and functional consistency are essential for digital products. As a result, the end user will remember the ‘path’ of navigating through the product. Hence, we don’t reinvest patterns and terminology often. One of the essential things we do is to keep the number of actions required to complete a task to as minimal as possible. We also engineer for errors, use real-world metaphors, and design accessible features.
 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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UI-UX design services are aimed ar creating visually appealing digital interfaces that attract and retain target audience. User interface (UI) is anything a user may interact with to use a service or product. While User experience (UX) evolved as a result of the upgradations to UI; as it covers all aspects fo the end-user’s interaction with the brand.
The biggest difference between web design and UI/UX design is that the former focuses on what a website looks like while the latter focuses on what the experience of using an app or site feels like. The end goal of UI/UX design is to have a positive effect on the user’s behavior and decision-making process.
The average cost of our UI/UX projects vary depending on the requirements and complexity of the overall project. We usually charge on a project basis, and in some cases, we opt for a per hour model as well.
We have explained this in detail in the section concerned above. Apart from the usual practices that we follow as an agile team, a few of the projects that we have completed went as a customized solution provided to clients who wanted a quick launch of their product in order to get an early advantage. The latest being creating a trading app/platform for crypto-algo traders.

It could change on the basis of requirements and nature of the project. However, here are a few deliverables that we work upon-

  • UX audit report (for existing design)
  • User persona 
  • Customer journey maps
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototypes 
  • Design systems 

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