Creating a Product Roadmap for AI-powered Career Counselling System

AI powered career counselling system




The founders approached us with an idea to better use Artificial Intelligence in career counselling of students. They needed to expand the horizon of this simple idea to serve as many students across the country. Also, there was a rough plan to collaborate with the universities for better results.

The plan was to help students with less-resources so that they don’t miss out on a good university seat. Also, those who are academically competent but in double mind to choose a way forward.

Initially, our team analyzed the research work which was done by the founders and we got started preparing for a product discovery session.

Primary goals of this product discovery workshop include clearly defining the product, charting out a roadmap towards building the product in less time, and preparing a scale-up roadmap.

The solution

Getting all stakeholders on one platform

There are largely four stakeholders – Students, parents, counselors and the admission officers of respective colleges. We created login systems for– students and parents, admission officers, and the counselors. Students will get a subscription-based access (initially free) to a list of features that will help them in finding appropriate opportunities. Parents will share the same access as students. And admission officers will help try to find appropriate talents on the basis of the system. Students will interact with counsellors appointed by the respective colleges. user-friendly work flow was designed by the team that’d cater to each user irrespective of his technological competence.

AI-powered student assessment

As per the user flow that was charted out, students will enter a set of information (grade scores, breakup-up of grades, preferences, etc.) and the AI-powered system will throw out a real-time list of appropriate colleges and courses according to the talent and ability of the individual. A way better source of scrutinizing colleges than relying on friends, family, and peers. Our team worked smart in creating the above interface which includes designs for smart school search, a deeper look into school profiles, and custom lists, updated in real-time based on student’s evolving qualification and requirements. 


What’s in it for the colleges?

The same results will be used by the admission officers to find the most appropriate talent for their institutions. In the same way, colleges can securitize the applying students based on their competenceSchool counselors will have a chance of interacting with the most qualified, deserving, and smart students across the country and offer them a seat in their institution. A user-friendly interface was chalked out for admission officers who are generally exposed to some similar products. An advanced featured called ‘Student Arc’ was also envisioned in which a counselor will create an imaginary student who shall possess all the qualifications required for a particular domain, and then search for a student who closely matches this criterion.

Engaging and Incentivizing users

The system will allow students to communicate with their peers and also chat with admission officers. Hence, a chat-box was also designed. We also added a real-time feedback mechanism that would allow the founders in improving the product features. Our team insisted adding a credit system in which users earns credits while uploading information and can be used to make in-app purchases.


Our product discovery workshop helped the team in getting a clarity around their idea. We successfully worked on creating a roadmap towards getting their MVP ready in a short time along with all necessary features.

The client is reviewing the recommendations and will start on creating a mobile app soon.

AI powered career counselling system - results


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