Creating a Product Definition and Roadmap to Automate Industrial Education

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The client is into designing and making Cobotsrobots which needs a human touch. Primarily they are into industries, making automated Cobots.

They ventured into addressing specific needs of academia, and created a system and curriculum to advance industrial skills and manufacturing using automation. They are working on a goal to bridge the gap between local industry and the competence of the future work force. They’ve designed a children-friendly program which is intended to help the younger ones. 

However, since this was their first digital venture, they faced certain roadblocks slowing down the entire process. They needed a better option to reduce the manhours spent on this program and at the same time, reach more schools and manage more children simultaneously.

Also, managing everything from G-suite was becoming a pain as they needed to manually grant access to schools and even create a new interface for every new school added in clientele. 

We got along with them quickly as the prime focus was to do more things in less time and automate as much tasks as possible. We love automation. And working in the EdTech industry has become our forte in the past few months. 

We took up this challenge and conducted a product discovery session with them. We discussed possible outcomes using plan A/B/C and pinned on the one which was kind of quick fix with little or no downtimes. 

The solution

Managing Access to Curriculum

A system was created to manage access levels of the curriculum to avoid over-clogging of the system. Top-down level access needs to be given to compliment the hierarchal structure. Hence, district coordinators will get overall access of respective school’s curriculum, followed by school coordinators who manages respective schools. Further the access is shared with school teachers who interacts with students. Hence, the product is delivered in a targeted way to maintain easy access to everyone involved and to ensure accountability. 

creating a system to automate industrial education

Content Management Systems

Since we are preparing a product for a range of children, from the littlest learners to a little mature kids, learning should be as easy and simple as possible. Hence, we made a suggestion to use a Content management system to further simplify the overall experience and to help the not-so-tech-savvy teachers. We scrutinized a few systems and pinned on Canavas for this project. It will further increase the operational productivity as content developers, instructional designers can easily create any type of new content and share it with schools. 

system to automate industrial education-learning management system
system to automate industrial education-learning management systems

Integrating curriculum in LMS

The process of integrating curriculum for various schools and sharing access should not be tedious task as in the current scenario. We came up with a suggestion of integrating the curriculum in the existing LMS used by respective schools. This’d further simplify the process of amending the curriculum in real time. And it would further help teachers and administrators in automating processes such as creating and managing assignments, generating tests and quizzes, and grading student work online. 


We were updated that the recommendations were quickly worked upon and this has till now achieved the following three things:

  1. Saved 30% manhours. 
  2. Curriculum creation and management has become super easy 
  3. Due to automation, the system is running quite sharply even with reduced workforce.  
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