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Why Digital Transformation for Business?


70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy!


Global digital transformation expenses will reach $6.8 trillion by 2023!


87% of executives expect digital transformation to bring industrial disruption!

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Digital Transformation Solutions

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To facilitate such dynamic and demanding changes, we offer services that ensure digital transformation for your company is easy to achieve.

Application Upgradation

Applications that we use in our day-to-day lives require upgrading. To work faster and more effectively, it needs complete application modernization. Our team checks the application used by a company to understand the necessary changes in it to achieve full digital transformation.

Restructuring of Business

Business Restructuring is vital in the modernization of the workflow. The traditional form of business is very limited. Companies that adapt to modernization require complete business restructuring. It also makes the business expenditure very cost-effective.

Planning Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation is not a one-day process. It requires a definite course of action. Planning out a digital strategy is necessary to understand the aims and objectives of a company. Digital Strategy helps to deliver quality digital transformation as desired by a company.

Inducing Web Application

Digital Transformation can be only possible by introducing application-centric transformation. Digital application is a big part of the change as employees will have unlimited access to use them for work..

Great User Experience

This is a simple one but a highly effective one. Enhanced User Experience is necessary for a successful digital transformation of a company. Users who avail themselves of the digital mode to use a company's service must experience impeccable user experience. This makes the service and the company reliable.

IT Modernization

IT Modernization is a big part of digital transformation. Not just application and user experience, companies' sensitive and confidential elements require modernization. We provide full modernization and understand its impact.

Big Data Analytics

Our team of experts believes in making the best of every aspect. Therefore, every data our team analyzes - big or small, is leveraged to map out opportunities and threats.

AI and Automation

We target scaling businesses by introducing artificial intelligence and complete automation that help speed up the daily workflow to gain greater outcomes for the company.

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QA & Suitability

Analyze errors in the system to remove inefficiency and redundancies and track the business response for multiple clients in accordance with budget and finances.  



We ensure that our digital strategy provides you with the leading technology for the best customer experience that aligns with your future plans. 



Our digital transformation management consulting team imparts knowledge about the migration of offline systems to the internet via training sessions.  



Digital Transformation can easily scale the systems that decrease manual work and increase productivity. 

Business continuity

Business continuity

Before your organization adapts to work on digital transformation, you can easily work with no halt in operations. 



Better understand the team’s performance just by maintaining a continuous set of relevant KPIs and scores.

On-time delivery

On-time delivery

The digital transformation strategy consulting team fully develops and tests a digital system within the defined deadline.  

Holistic 360 degrees approach

Holistic 360 degrees approach

We work on Agile methodologies and flexible solutions to deliver the best digital transformation solutions.  



100% transparency as we showcase the step-by-step progress of digital transformation consulting services. 

Framework & Takeaways

We prepare an advanced digital strategy for your organization after understanding your current position, operation, and customer engagement to perform data transformation and the right analytics. Through the strategy and DX framework aligning with your business model, our digital transformation services assist you in enhancing your operations, improving customer experience, cutting down costs, and boosting automation.  

Cloud-based Application

As we use a cloud-based application for modernization, it makes the digital strategy easy and effective.

Positive Work Relationship

We try to influence a progressive work environment for the employees.

Client Priority - Market Trend

We provide solutions to our clients that are more aligned with market trends and easy to manage.

Easy access to centralized data

We operate on centralized digital data that can be accessed only by our clients and us. It ensures transparency. It makes the automotive process easier and faster.

Cost Effective Solution

We also target to provide cost-effectiveness combined with informed decision-making. This ensures transparency with our clients.

 Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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I help clients accelerate their digital growth through software engineering and digital product development.
I also act as an advisor to help guide technology decisions and assess digital growth.

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We partner with individuals and organizations on their journey to digital transformation. See how startup founders around the world have leveraged our services to build great products and even stronger relationship with their customers.


Digital Transformation implies aligning all your current business operations to operate digitally by integrating with digital tools and technologies. In simple language, digital transformation means operating online, accessing necessary software and technologies, using cloud services, creating a database, and analyzing data for strategic decisions. 

Digital Transformation is important because you can track metrics to improve your customer experience and speed up your business operations. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, most industries have transformed their operations digitally. The usage of cloud technologies, AI, and machine learning are known to enhance and speed up business operations, which in turn further leads to an increase in revenue.

Digital transformation works based on a digital transformation strategy and its implementation. The right digital transformation strategy uses a unified model for business operations that are carried out offline and online. These operations are aligned for a strategic business operation. For developing effective digital transformation solutions, experimentation and testing are conducted in accordance with an agile approach.

You should choose the right digital transformation consulting company for proper guidance for the right strategy. The company should offer 360-degree support for digital transformation strategy, business operations alignment and restructuring, automation, implementation of digital transformation, analytics, and maintenance.  

You can get started through an appropriate digital transformation management consulting firm that assists you throughout the procedures. The company should guide your from pre-planning, choosing, and testing the right digital transformation strategy that aligns with your business operations. Once chosen, the digital transformation technology consulting should perform implementation and management for digitization. 

You can choose a suitable company for digital transformation services depending on your goals and budget and their delivery time, transparency, experience, and track record. Check for the services offered, from pre-planning to implementation and management. 

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