Eco-friendly Bike Rental App to Ensure Last Mile Connectivity

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Traffic and pollution are the two biggest issues that an urban citizen faces nowadays. The challenge in this project was to create a bike rental app to ensure affordable and environment-friendly last mile connectivity.

The client is a well-known service provider of a few of Indian government’s flagship Bus Rapid Transport System initiatives. They provide Chartered speed buses, trucks, and are now managing Government of India’s futuristic program of ensuring last mile connectivity in Tier-2 metro cities with rental bikes.

They felt urge to create their own system in order to nullify their dependencies on using 3rd party software. We were also supposed to work on creating a payment system along with GSM-based tracking of each of 30,000 bikes they had in their inventory. It was a challenging task as the product needed to meet all the bureaucratic guidelines and their high IT security requirements. Also, an interactive user experience design was to be created to facilitate easy usage of the app.

The solution

Interactive Design and flawless navigation

First thing on our plate was creating a user-friendly product design and smooth navigation. This includes reducing the number of screen-pages a user has to navigate through while booking and paying for a bike ride.

We created a number of minimalist design prototypes to try and understand their feasibility to be used in the product. Essentially, we narrowed down on the final version that was a bit of self-explainer.

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Payment intricacies in a bike rental app

In order to ensure wider acceptance of the app, getting onboard the middle-class group was important, hence it was decided to have a wallet for each user, so as they do not have to pay every time, they book a bike.

Also, Indians have prior experience of using wallet-based products thanks to e-commerce websites, hence we were sure of its success. We pulled all strings in creating a system with smooth navigation keeping a non-so-tech-savvy user in mind.

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Secured IT System

Safeguarding user data security and smooth financial transactions were vital in this project. Our IT team toiled hard in creating a product that provides security cover to all user accounts along with integrated secure payment system to ensure safe transactions. Our team enabled Bluetooth locks in rented bikes to prevent theft and GSM-based tracking to assist billing process.

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Robust Tech System

The requirement of having a wallet for every user came with a new challenge of creating a robust system capable of managing thousands of logins and transactions simultaneously. We delivered a robust system to better manage payments and easily top-up user wallets. As most of the users will not have a credit card, we integrated options to top-up wallets from multiple banks debit cards, UPI, and cash transactions as well.

Technologies used



The system was launched in one Tier-2 city and withing three months, the gross revenue touched an impressive Rs. 4 million. Our systematic approach ensured that the client had enrolled more registered users, and in turn resulting in more bike bookings, ensuring vision of last mile connectivity succeeding. Our agile approach and relatively faster feedback from the client helped in completing the mammoth work within 6 months.

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