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website for a cybersecurity investigation product


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The client was looking for an experienced engineering team to create a web identity for their cybersecurity investigation product which will subsequently help in brand awareness campaigns.

Their older website was full of technical glitches and was somehow not complementing the excellent cybersecurity product that they offer. Hence, the mandate was to create a new website from scratch that’d be a befitting marketing platform to their product. 

Our team offered a detailed technical proposal along with the technologies to be used in creating the website. More emphasis was given to website security and data protection. 

The client wanted to enter the new year- 2022 with the new web identity. Hence, even before the work commenced, the deadline was set. 

The solution

Mobile-first and cross-browser compatible website

Mobile first and cross browser compatible website

We implemented a responsive design with intuitive navigation while being uncompromising with the website loading speed. We also avoided disruptive pop-ups so as to make the UI more user friendly. This is easier said than done- our team worked hard to get most of the technical stuff up and running. 

A mobile website is usually accessed from multiple mobile browsers and devices. Hence, we worked towards ensuring that the new website renders perfectly on each device, browser, and browser version, considering their technical variances and idiosyncrasies. Our testers checked how the website renders and operates in real user conditions, for which they tested on multiple unique browser-device-OS combinations. 

Integrating motion into UX design to elevate brand experience

Branding is essential in user interface, especially in these cases when you want to use the interface as the additional flow of user attraction as well as the way to increase brand awareness.

Our UI designers worked on the interface, its color palette, shapes, types and fonts, icons and illustration, all while considering design solutions appropriate and corresponding to the general branding concept of the cybersecurity product that will make them mutually support each other. We also added interactive animation to a few important pages of the website to elevate brand experience. 

Ensuring top-notch website security and SEO friendly setup

website security and SEO friendly setup

Since web security needed to be top-notch, we opted for a third-party tool to ensure timely web scans, malware removal services, and getting a powerful cloud-based firewall that stops hacks and attacks.  

Making a website SEO-friendly means that search engines can crawl each page on the website efficiently, interpreting the content effectively, and indexing it in their database as quickly as possible. We followed all the major guidelines regarding page optimization while creating new web pages. 

Technologies used


As stated above, the client wanted to have the new website published before 2022 begins, so we had little time to waste. As we follow Agile methodology in all our web application development projects, our team is used to working collectively towards achieving a milestone in a certain time.

We delivered the job before December 31st, 2021, and the website was up and running much to the satisfaction of the client. We also helped them in setting up Google Analytics and webmaster to analyze their website’s performance 

web identity for a cybersecurity product


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