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We took up the uphill challenge of developing a website for an API security company. Its existing version lacked responsiveness, lacked UX elements, and demonstrated a conventional User Interface (UI).

Moreover, many outdated website features and elements made it difficult for fresh content to be published on the website. Due to the legacy custom post types for adding new content or editing existing content, the company approached our team of developers to accept the custom website development challenge.

Our web developers were entrusted to:

  • Improve the website’s overall UI
  • Enable multi-device compatibility
  • Make website navigation user-friendly
  • Ease up the content uploading process
  • Add responsive elements to the website
  • Ensure better UX through the proposed design

The solution

According to the company’s website design requirements, we initiated the custom web development strategy across a three-step solution process.

User Interface and WordPress Development

Based on the design recommendations received from the company’s end, our developers added hovering, scrolling, and other clickable features to enhance the website’s overall User Interface (UI). The team leveraged WordPress development to ensure all the essential interactive features are added to the website.

User interface gif

Cross-Device and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Our team of web developers facilitated the website with cross-device and cross-browser compatibility to ensure convenient access to the website from all types of devices or web browsers. From smartphones and desktops to Firefox and Chrome, all the compatibility factors were adhered to with the utmost expertise.

Cross Device

Fully Optimized Website-Building Life Cycle via Elementor

We leveraged Elementor as our preferred website builder owing to its developer-friendly attributes, inbuilt features, and components such as hover, click effects, pages, and blocks. It helped our team easily save templates and utilize the reusability feature.

fully optimized via elementor

Our team of web developers aced their way through Elementor’s wide-ranging community plugins for various functionality-oriented purposes. As a result, we were able to cater to the company’s website-building needs quite efficiently within highly optimized timelines.

Technologies used


We helped the company launch the website and make it live without any procedural downtimes or glitches. Our developers accomplished their goal of creating a navigation-friendly website page structure that ultimately resulted in reduced page loading time and better SEO.

API Protection Solution-results


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