Creating an Order Management System for Canine Vaccination

order management system for dog vaccination
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The client came up with the requirement of creating an order management system for dog vaccinations to treat elbow osteoarthritis (OA). 

They already had a web identity (website) and the proposed order management system would help them in automating many tasks which they’re doing manually right now; such as maintaining all records of order management and customer management through an excel sheet. In addition to this, the target track and cycle governance is done though an excel sheet.  

The mandate was to streamline all their activities through a specific flow for injection booking, order management, customer (veterinary doctor) management and reactor cycles governance through the new app which eliminates all manual efforts and offers automating the process gradually. 

Our team offered a detailed technical proposal along with the technologies to be used in creating the system and started working on the project. 

The solution

Order management system

We kept in mind multiple scenarios a common person can face while booking a vet appointment for their canine. The user flow involves both the pet-owner (who creates his dog’s profile in the system and marks the symptoms and medical history, and then places an order), and the veterinary doctor (who approves the selected time slot of the pet-owner).  

order management system

The system was kept quite basic keeping a non-technical person in mind. Also, the application is built not only for the administrators but also for veterinary doctors who can go forth and submit orders. The overall governance is done by the administrators which allows them to create orders on behalf of veterinary doctors. 

We implemented a responsive design with intuitive navigation while being uncompromising with the system loading speed. We also avoided disruptive pop-ups so as to make the UI more user friendly. 

Inventory management system


Since the vaccination contains some amount of radio-active material to treat the elbow osteoarthritis, the radioactive decay kicks in. Over the top, radioactive decay is a speedy process and hence, inventory management becomes a matter of grave concern in this system. Our system considers dose allocation timings, frequency of appointments in an area, age of the vaccinated dog into consideration to predict the number of vaccines in the inventory at any given point of time. 

System Delivery and testing

At GrowExx, we follow Agile methodology in all our product development projects. This helps our team in working simultaneously on a given feature/module and get real-time feedback from members of the team and from the client as well. We held sprint-wise demonstrations with the client and took feedback on each and every module. Since the client has a non-technical background, we had to make them understand each and every component of product engineering and involve them in the process.

Technologies used



The project is completed according to the mandated deadline and the client is currently testing the system with their team before launching the Beta version, in which a few real users would test the system. 

order and inventory management system


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