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In this quickly evolving tech landscape, web design & development companies face various challenges. Our client, a very successful web design and development company, based in the Australia, has experienced a similar situation where they needed professionals with custom software development skills. Pointedly, the lack of an in-house team prompted them to reach out to GrowExx for innovative solutions and improved revenue growth.

Client Background

Our Client is a well-recognized web design and development company, that adopts a values-driven approach. When a big customer of theirs requested software development services, our client realized they were off the game and needed help.


An Australian leading real estate company contacted them to make custom software to visualize their data. Certainly, our client was not having the skills to meet the data needs of the real estate company.

How the Client Got to Know about GrowExx

In the beginning, our client looked at the many different ways to solve their problem with hiring. Using recommendations from the industry and internet research, they came through GrowExx which is the industry’s pioneer in dedicated developer teams in the market. Encouraged by GrowExx’s proven ability in software development, they contacted us to discuss the details.

Why the Client Approached Us

Confronting issues like – Due to lack of skilled software developers on the board to fulfill the request of their real-estate client and looking at the qualified & experienced software developers of GrowExx, the Client approached us and to get our help in overcoming these challenges.

Discovery Meeting with GrowExx

At the very first meeting, the client and GrowExx functioned as a way to get things clearer between them and talk about goals, problems, and expected results. A careful review of all the business requirements helped us to find out our client’s primary needs as the right skills and appropriate cultural match, deadlines, and others. The method of interactive dialog summarized the principle assumption for crafting a tailor-made workplace environment.

Engagement Process

Having made the initial consultation with our Client, GrowExx chose to offer up our software development expertise. The choice was made not only due to a recommendation but also because of the good work of GrowExx. The hiring process involved selecting a dedicated software development from GrowExx’s hence it created a seamless integration of the external resources with the client’s internal team.

GrowExx's Involvement

Recognizing the unique needs of the Company, GrowExx swiftly mobilized a dedicated team of experienced software developers to bridge the expertise gap. The objective was to empower our client to fulfill their software development requirements seamlessly.

Solution Implementation

Then, GrowExx’s software developers examined the information and respectively defined their business objectives.

Key Highlights:

Customized Power BI Dashboards

Designed by the expert software developers of GrowExx, the application features beautiful and readable interfaces presenting pictographs and fact sheets of the data in a simple and understandable manner.

Tailored Predictive Solutions

The Client is entitled to discover the current situation and its predictions once the tailor-made software system has been comprehensively introduced into the company.

Integration with Existing Systems

GrowExx’s embracement of custom software with the client’s older systems was a surety for the complete integration that provided our client with the operational efficiency elevation.

Impact and Value:

The custom dashboards have significantly:

Improved data accessibility and visibility

Providing the analytics and reports that are most useful to the various organization stakeholders.

Enhanced decision-making

Empowering data-oriented decision-making for project supervision, resource distribution, and risk prevention.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Implementing workflows and communication channels across a team.


With GrowExx’s aid, the mission of our Client has come true by filling the customer’s needs in software development which is one of the very important drives to the rise in customer engagement by 20%. GrowExx’s software development solution not only added to the Client’s efficiency and decision-making power but also was a key indication of service versatility in the provision of innovative technology solutions.

Technologies used


The client case study is a concrete example of how strategic hiring methods may foster innovation and organizational expansion in the technology industry. The client hired a dedicated software development team and fostered a great spirit of endurance and teamwork, which, in turn, gave rise to the engineering and product teams increasing their staff. In the constantly chaotic digital world, enterprises can access astonishing growth and successfully come out ahead with collaboration with companies like GrowExx.


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