Fullstack Engineer (PHP+Angular)

Expired on: Jul 19, 2023
Job Category: Engineering
Job Experience: 2+ Years
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Work From Anywhere
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GrowExx is seeking a Fullstack Engineer, who enjoys solving complex problems using clean,
efficient and performant methods and putting those solutions into action whilst working in a

Key Responsibilities

  • Overall responsible for the Implementation part of the project i.e., getting things right
  • Be responsible to deliver the project assigned by working in conjunction with PO, L3, and ADMs
  • Identify technical uncertainties and consult with the L3 engineer to resolve those
  • Identify ways to implement a story and select the approach that is best suited for the project.
  • Consult with L2 as required
  • Break down user stories along with the team to identify technical tasks
  • Provide detailed estimates before the start of the sprints. Need to work with the Team to get the estimates
  • Proactively pre-plan the sprints to achieve 90+% confidence in delivery
  • Preferred if can analyze the user requirements, NFRs, and technical requirements for the project
  • Preferred if can identify any unknowns i.e., missing scenarios, etc, and consult with PO to ensure those are defined either as a User story or UAC
  • Preferred if can create technical documents as required for the project in JIRA, Confluence, or other tools
  • Preferred to provide POs and ADMs with daily updates of the team via Jira and Slack
  • Preferred to provide HL estimates for any new projects by working closely with L3s, POs, and ADMs
  • Preferred to proactively communicate with other members of the team and other project leads
  • Preferred to provide HR and Management with any relevant information to help improve organization culture & performance

Key Skills

  • Good understanding of OOPs, LinkedList, Data Structures, Inheritance, Encapsulation & Abstractions 
  • Can write JavaScript code in Angular framework based on the Technical Document and Requirements 
  • Be able to analyze system requirements at the Epic level 
  • Has worked on an Enterprise level project 
  • Experience working in an Agile Team and working understanding of Scrum and Kanban 
  • Experience working in Laravel and Codeigniter.
  • Working experience with Angular (JS & 4. X and higher) and JavaScript Build Tools 
  • Can implement the Epic on existing software ensuring no regression is introduced 
  • Can create feature rich component base UI pages www.growexx.com 2 
  • Can create pages as per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 
  • Can demonstrate the use of OOPs Patterns 
  • Be able to perform code reviews 
  • Should be able to get code coverage of 90% plus 
  • Demonstrate info-security at the coding level 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the performance impact of their code 
  • Basic Task Management & Planning 
  • Can demonstrate JavaScript best practices 
  • Can optimize the pages speed and can achieve a 90% score in GTMatrix or Google Page Speed 
  • Be able to work on a website that supports multi-languages 
  • Create a UML diagram to define the implementation for the Epic with multiple stories (preferred) 
  • Experience in Mock testing frameworks (preferred) 
  • Work on agile Estimation techniques (preferred)

Education and Experience

  • B Tech or B. E. 1st Class from top institutions in India preferred
  • 2+ Years’ experience as a Fullstack Engineer

Analytical and Personal skills

  • Analytical & Reasoning skills
  • Can communicate in English
  • Open to constructive debate
  • Positive attitude & attention to detail
  • Open to learning new concepts
Sorry! This job has expired.