Software Engineer – LAMP

Job Category: Engineering
Job Experience: 2+ Years
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Work From Anywhere
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GrowExx is seeking a Software Engineer – LAMP, who will be working with PHP frameworks for design and developing new applications as well as maintaining existing applications and delivering them with Test-Driven Development practices, has good analytical skills to create clean code and robust software.

Key Responsibilities

  • Overall responsible on the Implementation part of the project i.e. Getting things right
  • Be responsible to deliver the project assigned by working conjunction with PO, L3 and ADMs
  • Identify technical uncertainties and consult with L3 engineer to resolve those
  • Identify ways to implement stories and select the approach that is best suited for the project. Consult with L3 as required
  • Break down user stories along with the team to identify technical tasks
  • Provide detailed estimates before the start of the sprints. Need to work with the Team to get the estimates
  • Proactively pre-plan the sprints to achieve 90+% confidence of delivery
  • Preferred if can analyse the User Requirements, NFRs and Technical requirements for the project
  • Preferred if can identify any unknowns i.e., missing scenarios, etc and consult with PO to ensure those are defined either as a User story or UAC
  • Preferred if can create technical documents as required for the project in Jira, Confluence, or other tools
  • Preferred to provide POs and ADMs with daily updates of the team via Jira and Slack
  • Preferred to provide HL estimates for any new projects by working closely with L3s, POs and ADMs
  • Preferred to proactively communicate with other members of the team and other project leads
  • Preferred to provide HR and Management with any relevant information to help improve organisation culture & performance

Key Skills

  • Good knowledge of OOPs concepts
  • Can write PHP code using multiple Frameworks like YII2, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symphony based on Technical Document and Requirements given
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as GIT, SVN
  • Can develop a secure web API
  • Good knowledge of CMS frameworks like Magento, WordPress, Drupal (preferred)
  • Good knowledge of Restful API and SOAP architecture (Preferred)
  • Worked with databases, Query Optimization, and data structures for (MySQL, Postgres, MSSQ, MongoDB) (Preferred)
  • Can unit test to perfection & understand TDD practices
  • Can produce code level logs
  • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms – AWS & Azure is preferred

Education and Experience

  • B Tech or B. E. with 2+ Years experience as a Software Engineer

Analytical and Personal Skills

  • Must have good logical reasoning and analytical skills
  • Can communicate in English
  • Is extrovert & Proactive not reactive
  • Open to constructive debate and open to learning new concepts
  • Able to receive constructive criticism, also team player with positive attitude
  • Take own initiatives to achieve goals

Work with the problem solver engineers team

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