Product Discovery Workshop: Improving Patients Journey Via Data Science

product discovery workshop improving patients journey via data science
The healthcare industry has struggled over the years to find the best approach to deliver quality patient care, patients being the customers in this case. While a poor user experience can only amount to the loss of money across many industries, the consequences are lethal in healthcare. It could cost lives. However, the product discovery workshop, an application of data science and analysis, has shown great potential in bringing the long-awaited improvement to the patient journey and optimizing how healthcare givers treat their customers. 

There is no doubt that any business that finds a way to align its product and services with the needs of its targeted customers is on its track to success. Whatever the product is, either a consumable or service, your customers expect a streamlined journey that makes it easier for them to interact with your business. 

product discovery workshop is the first engagement between the customer and the project team, during which both sides create a common understanding and devise solutions to tackle a specific problem. This implies that healthcare givers can improve the quality of their customers’ experiences if they can analyse and comprehend unique patient journeys and apply what they learn to improve treatment delivery and save costs. 

The product discovery workshop is built on the tenets of data science to harness different scientific methods, strategies, technologies, and instructions to draw insightful information and inferences from structured, unstructured, complex, or simple data. Understanding data science and its intricacies are the first steps in a product discovery workshop. 

product discovery workshop for medical devices
Furthermore, years back, when healthcare givers set out to launch a new product or incorporate new technology into their system, they predict things and make shallow research on the users. But when these projects are in pipeline, the initial process becomes unrealistic, and the project ends with no or little success. However, product discovery workshops can surely identify the possible problems early on and can also save the project. 

 Here are a few reasons why every healthcare provider needs a product discovery workshop before any project to improve their patient journey: 

product discovery workshop for medical devices
  • Product discovery workshop shows the success of a product, project, or idea from the initial phase of development. Healthcare givers do not have to fund a project with no or poor benefits to their customers.
  • It gives necessary clarity and saves significant time because all queries that the patients and healthcare givers may have during the app development lifecycle are answered in advance.
  • It easily simplifies complicated tasks and produces a cohesive strategy. The healthcare providers could see the end of the product or idea from the beginning and the best plan to deliver it to their patients.
  • It streamlines the whole application development, keeping the patients and healthcare providers informed at all times. When a challenge shows up during the implementation of the plan, both parties can understand the possible reasons.
  • A product discovery workshop guarantees the completion of the project before the deadline, or often even early because only the essential features are prioritized. This implies that healthcare providers can predict whether a product or concept will be completed before its patients require it.

Who Do You Need In A Product Discovery Workshop? 

product discovery workshop for medical devices While the above reasons are eye-openers to why every healthcare giver should consider a product discovery workshop to better serve their patients, you should also know who is needed to have a successful product discovery workshop. You can broadly divide the individuals involved into Team Healthcare givers and Team Patients. 

Team Healthcare

A breakdown of the team healthcare giver will include Product Manager, Developer, Business Analyst, and Design Strategists. These professionals dig up relevant information to your project, idea, or product via thorough inquiries and provide insights to help you guide the project in the appropriate direction. 

They explore every aspect and issue and dig beyond the obvious to find new views. Through individual contributions and the workshop’s collective judgments, the product discovery workshop results in successful outcomes. 

Team Patients 

No matter the brains packed together for a product discovery workshop is futile without the patients who are the direct consumers of the product, idea, or project. Users should invest a significant amount during the discovery phase and meetings. Defining user personas and mapping user journeys is incredibly informative and affects the product launch strategy. 

Moreover, product discovery workshop or product discovery may appear to be an additional cost to the project’s budget, yet it is entirely worthwhile. A product discovery workshop at the beginning of a project or idea ensures everything goes well. It brings healthcare professionals and patients together early in the treatment process and puts patients at the center of their decisions. 


If you want to adopt new technology but are unsure how to proceed after holding a product discovery workshop, you may get insights by reading our blog : the purpose of product discovery workshop.  Contact us to know more.  


Vikas Agarwal is the Founder of GrowExx, a Digital Product Development Company specializing in Product Engineering, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Web and Mobile Applications. His expertise lies in Technology Innovation, Product Management, Building & nurturing strong and self-managed high-performing Agile teams.

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