Crafting and optimizing kid’s e-learning Web & Mobile Applications

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The client had an existing mobile application and web application system for kid’s e-learning management as well as interactive book viewing.


The main requirement of the client was to have a system that worked as per the business needs. The client also wanted to release the app on both the Play Stores- Google and Android. We were asked to review the existing system, recommend optimization for scaling and ensure that the user experience was seamless keeping in mind young children..

Challenges faced:

The client had worked with many teams across the globe and was somehow unsatisfied with the results. The entire system was not focused on quality and the documentation was minimalistic. The architecture was not built for scaling and the deadlines were tight.

The solution

We analyzed the entire architecture, recommended solutions over usability, security, performance and extendibility
We fixed the existing bugs and documented them well so that any other engineer can pick up from there. We also provided the client with an exhaustive improvements and technical debts which the system had. We convinced the customer on the need to overhaul the system given that they had more than 100,000 Daily active users.

Technologies used


The major pain point of the client was that their mobile application got rejected by Facebook and the app/play stores. We helped them revise the answers to be submitted to Facebook and suggested how to make changes on the mobile app regarding Delete Account Logic. With this approach, they were able to get the app released on both play stores. This increased their customer acquisition and also improved the rating on respective stores.


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