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The client sells off-the-shelf cabinets with or without assembly and modification options. Dealers were placing offline orders manually. There wasn’t any online system where they could choose the products, select assembly or modification options, make payments, and track their order shipment that ensured a proper supply chain.
The client wanted to achieve the following objectives to have a smooth order management system for dealers and distributors:
  1. Build an online eCommerce platform for Dealers
  2. Online Dealer Registration
  3. Approval or Rejection of Online Dealer Registration by Admin
  4. Dealers should be able to Log in to the Dealer Portal to view product details, select assembly or modification options, add Shipping addresses, and make payments to place orders
  5. Add on Assembly & Modification charges at the product level
  6. Split Flat & Assembly/Modification orders within an order
  7. Shipping Charges calculation based on Dealer’s shipping address
  8. Sales Tax calculation based on Dealer’s Shipping Address
  9. Payment method integration for Credit Card, eCheck, Dealer Credit Terms
  10. To and from data integration with Oracle NetSuite
  11. Email Notifications on Registration Approval/Rejection, Activation/Deactivation of a Dealer account, Order Placement, etc.

The solution

  1. We suggested the client to develop the web-based eCommerce application using WordPress (WooCommerce).
  2. We identified critical concerns in the existing supply chain and user journey and created a new user journey for the Dealers.
  3. We moved the Dealer Registration from the client website to the Dealer Portal.
  4. We researched various Tax applications and selected AvaTax for integration with Dealer Portal for Tax Calculation.
  5. We integrated for receiving Credit Card and eCheck payments.
  6. Given a provision for Dealers with Terms Credit to place orders by skipping the online payment.
  7. We integrated Shipping Charges calculation using UPS
  8. We facilitated warehouse operations by splitting a single order into Flat and Assembly or Modification orders.
  9. Enabled auto calculation of order delivery date based on Flat or Assembly/Modification orders.
  10. Admin panel for checking Dealer, Product, and Order details within WooCommerce.
  11. Auto-sync of Dealer data and Products data from NetSuite.
  12. Auto-sync of Order data to NetSuite.

Technologies used


  1. The client saved 50% of the effort with the proposed order management system by receiving the order over the phone or via email.
  2. Dealers have more clarity in Product Details, Assembly/Modification options, Shipping charges, Taxes, and Final Amounts with multiple payment options before placing an order.
  3. With the help of split order details, the client was able to process and fulfill the order in half the time compared to the past.
  4. Dealers can place orders 3 times faster with an intuitive design than with manual orders.
  5. The client and Dealers could track the orders more efficiently and have an improved supply chain.
  6. WooCommerce and NetSuite integration helped the client manage the dealers and their orders efficiently.


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