Web Platform for an Application Intelligence Software

web platform for an application intelligence software
application intelligence software


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Modern IT teams are pushing new applications into production everyday. However, they’re also making it harder to understand how all of those pieces of codes fit together. The client identified a growing concern for software developers and created a software to address the issue. 

The product here, works as an agentless way to get control over the increasingly complex applications so that IT teams can manage, operate, and secure the coding faster and more efficiently.

The product enables teams in getting complete view of their applications’ interdependencies, data flows, and architecture.

Now, the product was there. But, the client needed a user-friendly, responsive website in order to showcase the software to the world. The website would also work as a lead-generating system for the software and will host all the informational content regarding the software.

The challenge was to develop the website while meeting a tight deadline.

The solution

Mobile first approach, Responsive web design

As we all know, mobile users have outnumbered web version users long ago hence, it is important to adopt a mobile-first approach while creating a website. Responsive web design enables web to fit the screens of different devices automatically, displaying the content in a way that people feel comfortable. It reduces users’ operations like panning, zooming, and scrolling when browsing the web. Hence, by creating responsive web pages, we ensure the user can easily browse, read and scroll through the content on the website.

Mobile first approach for an App software

Enhancing the website - Animation. Plugins. Gated content

We created some self-explanatory animations to help users in understanding what the software does. We also used some third-party plugins to create action specific web pages e.g., Comeet plugin was used to create career page. In addition to this, we optimized the pages with lazy loading, a technique that loads visible content, but delays the downloading and rendering of content that appears below the fold- to improve the website loading speed. We also added a section for gated content that will help the users in getting access to product specific content and generate leads as well.

enhance the website platform

Application of Agile and Lean Development

The need for on-time and on-budget delivery might sound like a commonplace demand made by clients. However, when these limitations are discussed in the context of a platform to launch a ground-breaking technology, it demands a different level of readiness, commitment and skillsets from the Agile perspective. We brought together the choicest ingredients of a true agile project – including design thinking, minimalistic UX, in-depth research, and project sprints – to maximizing the potential of agile principles, we achieved timely delivery and on-budget completion.

Technologies used


The website has been successfully launched and is showing impressive results vis-a-vis lead generation and gated content downloads.

Our team at GrowExx completed the ambitious work in less than 3 sprint cycles. In addition to being a fully functional platform, the website is also scalable and secure to safeguard the user privacy.

Web platform for an app intelligence software results


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