MVP For Startups: The Most Crucial Step To Start Any Business

mvp for startups most crucial step start business
Startup failures are much more frequent, and launching a business is much more difficult than most people realise. It is uncommon for a company to be so attuned to its niche that it can operate with little effort. Why do so many firms fail, though? In any case, how many of them fail in fact? The reasons are numerous, but keep reading to learn what you need to know.   In the United States, there are currently 31.7 million small businesses, which account for 99.9% of all firms. Every month, a lot of small enterprises are launched, yet a lot of them fail. A failure rate of 20% in the first year, 50% after five years, and 65% after ten years as of 2021.  

Why do a large majority of firms fail, given the number of startups? It’s easy to get swept up in the success stories of startups in this era of unicorns and popular IPOs. However, nobody genuinely depicts the harsh realities of startups. According to CB Insights, 70 percent of startup IT companies fail. Additionally, 97 percent of consumer hardware firms die or turn into “zombies,” making failure even more common. 

Causes of Failure 

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Money ran out :

The commonly used explanation of “money ran out” is insufficient to explain why a company failed. Why did the cash flow cease when the money stopped coming in because it had run out? Was it as a result of improperly managed costs or insufficient sales? Running out of money also refers to not being able to secure additional financing, especially early on, to keep a business going until it can begin turning a profit. 

Wrong Market:

A lot of people attempt to launch a business that caters to all demographics. The results of this are poor. They then attempt to attack everyone in their community. Once more, overly broad. It will be simpler to promote to the appropriate audience if you have specifically identified your specialty. 

Lack of research:

Ultimately, you need to understand what your clients’ needs are. Too many aspiring business owners enter the market believing they have a fantastic service or product to provide, but they are unaware that no one needs their offering. If you complete your homework and market research, you can precisely satisfy the wants of your potential clients. 

Hence, the MVP for startups is the industry’s ideal answer, so what is the MVP and how does it operate? How significant is it for startups as well? So, for instance, one should not rush to invest money in developing a fully functional product and prepare for months of arduous work behind closed doors just because they have a concept for a great service or application that answers consumer concerns. Finding the response to the query “Do users need this product?” will be considerably more successful in accordance with the “lean startup” theory. You can get assistance with it from startups’ MVP development services. – 

Basically, the MVP (minimum viable product) is a minimally viable product that enables you to gather useful input from people, to comprehend what they need, and to avoid creating things they will not use or find valuable. 

The MVP development services for startups does not refer to a crude product produced in a rush. Its development took very little time and only included essential features, whose applicability to actual users should be verified. Studies reveal that 60% of features are never used, which means that users do not need them. 

 In this instance, receiving criticism is not the end of the story. The MVP development services cycle is the foundation of the lean startup process, to which the MVP concept belongs. Consequently, receiving feedback The revision and testing of the successful features comes next. If all goes well, you can develop a complete product and go to market. 

By creating a minimally viable product, one can: 

MVP for startups
  • Save money instead of allocating it to a bad endeavour. 
  • Verify whether the product is appealing to potential customers. 
  • Find out which development path will be the best one. 
  • Obtain a database of potential clients and identify the first users of your product. 
  • According to the report, which examined 3,200 rapidly expanding Internet and mobile firms, 
  • Premature scaling, which occurs when a firm grows faster than it can afford to maintain its new users, is the root cause of startup failure in 74% of situations. 

MVP development services for startups:

Define the main task of the product:

The product must address a specific consumer issue in order to be in demand. We identify the wants of potential customers and the reasons they ought to use and purchase your product at the first stage of MVP software engineering for startups.

Build a customer journey map :

The consumer experience should be straightforward and practical. It is easier to comprehend what information is lacking or what specifics will improve the product’s presentation if every action taken by the client is described in depth.

Select the main functions of the project :

We emphasise the key features that will help the product’s primary issue. The maximum number of functions should be 3. They will serve as the framework for the creation of our MVP product. We rank the importance of each additional feature. Then, after the product is released, we add them after gathering customer feedback and reviewing test results. 

Create design and architecture

At this point, the customer and we decide on the project’s technology stack as well as the workload, restrictions, timeline, and budget for the team. We choose the best MVP software development solutions in accordance with the stated specifications. 

Develop an initial MVP product.

Following client approval of the requirements and design, we move on to the MVP software development stage of the life cycle. Here, programmers start to create program code in accordance with the specifications previously stated.

Run the alpha and beta MVP tests.

We released the product’s initial iteration during alpha testing to a small number of users. If the product is flawless, we go on to beta testing and make it available to actual customers. We gather and evaluate the input after a week or two, and then we revise the MVP and test it once again.

Mvp Software Development Benefits 

    • maximum speed and the smallest budget. 
    • establishing early connections with customers. 
    • development with few dangers. 
    • developing potential investors. 
    • adaptability and continuous updating. 
    • improved understanding of consumer requirements. 


T0 conclude, the MVP development method is critical for startups because it allows you to build the most basic version of the startup idea in the shortest amount of time. 

Moreover, the MVP development cycle of ‘Build-Measure-Learn-Iterate’ has made inroads into the IT healthcare industry. MVPs enable businesses to successfully address market demands and promotes optimal resource use, making the innovation process more dependable and cost-effective. 

GrowExx has been assisting companies all over the world in ideating, creating, and accelerating innovative technological products through MVP and product discovery workshops, allowing them to take their businesses to the next level. If you are a startup with a great idea, we can help you produce a successful MVP.  

Let’s collaborate ! 


Vikas Agarwal is the Founder of GrowExx, a Digital Product Development Company specializing in Product Engineering, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Web and Mobile Applications. His expertise lies in Technology Innovation, Product Management, Building & nurturing strong and self-managed high-performing Agile teams.

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