90% of product development fails, ours don’t


90% of product development fails, ours don’t

Positive return-on-investment, clear process efficiencies, user empowerment, improved communication or increased accessibility.


We fail when we don’t understand the following


The Needs of our clients

The Costs versus Benefits

The pre-existing processes

All System dependencies

What is the simplest solution?

The Reasons behind Growexx’s client success rate

  • We really listen to your Story and Goals
  • We make sure that we clearly understand your Marketplace and Clients
  • We heartily believe in reviewing your competition
  • We don’t build a thing until we have simple and clear Product Definitions
  • We believe in the design process from building out low to high fidelity Wireframes and confirmed UI/UX through testing
  • We take your blueprints very seriously when creating your Technical Architecture documents sand Sprint Roadmap
product discovery workshop

Our product discovery workshop process

product discovery workshop
step 2

Domain understanding

Ice-breaking conversation with founders understanding the domain in which the product will fit into. Defining and analyzing user personas and the competition.  

step 2

Asking tough questions: ‘Why’ instead of ‘How’

Why do you want to solve this problem? What is the motivation? This is where we try to understand the complete picture before jumping into the workflow.

step 3

Focus on asking ‘What if….’ questions

We’d like to explore as many scenarios as possible beforehand so that we can anticipate the demand of some features to be added later on and work accordingly.

step 4

PoC sprint roadmap and architecture

We work on a visual plan that displays the technological strategy; it helps internal teams make strategic decisions around the tech infrastructure required.

step 5

Delivery plan, schedule and cost MVP

An internal delivery schedule to fine-tune requirements planning. An initial evaluation of the product’s implementation costs.

step 6

Scope of Scaling

This will provide you a sound list of features that’d be required in the later stages of product development.

Our Product Discovery Workshop Overview

Discovery workshops are conducted according to your timeframe and readiness.

For clients with a strong domain understanding, existing design schemas and process documentation- We spend 2 weeks in team-to-team communication as we produce a comprehensive delivery plan, schedule and cost plan.

For clients who want to explore the ‘why’ and ‘how’ through the wireframing iteration process we spend 4 weeks building out a UI/UX model and letting both teams test, challenge and confirm use cases.

For clients who are innovatively accepting the challenge of building from scratch we spend 6 – 8 weeks and will bring in external business consultants specializing startup business modeling and design.

Learning outcomes and


A story map to categorize the roadmap


KPIs and Internal milestone lists to measure both internal and external performance


We heartily believe in reviewing your competition


A story map to categorize the roadmap


KPIs and Internal milestone lists to measure both internal and external performance

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Our Works

Here are samples of completed
Discovery workshops and the Final


A product discovery workshop is a part of the initial planning phase of creating a new digital product. Product discovery workshop helps in defining the complete scope of the project and the KPIs that needs to be achieved.

Companies run product discovery workshop because without a clear path to success, you don’t want to waste either time or money that is required to create a functional digital product. You need to validate ideas, you’re defining important information such as vision, purpose, goal, targeted audience, budget, timeline, etc.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions in a product discovery workshop-
  • What problem are you solving here
  • How does your product stand out?
  • Who are your targeted users?
  • How will you map the user journey?
  • Would they pay for this solution?
  • Any development framework you want to follow?
  • What’s your view on agile?
  • What is your marketing strategy? What message you want to pass to targeted audience?
  • What are the KPIs?

Team members who’ll execute the project work, a lead designer and developer, product owner and scrum master

From the client’s side, all relevant stakeholders need to attend (C-suite or department heads must stay for the first part, where they define goals) and at least one product owner who sticks around throughout the workshop.

A product discovery workshop is customized for every business. A few of the founders would come up with a well-researched project that there is a little room to fill in gaps. And some founders come with raw idea that takes a lot of brainstorming to layout the scope of the project. Generally, product discovery workshop sessions last around 2-5 days to get to a structured roadmap to accomplish set goals.

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