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Web Application Development

Complex, Enterprise systems

We deliver futuristic enterprise web applications to streamline complex business processes (customer relationship management, web content creation, enterprise resource planning, etc) and enhance customer experience.

Specialized web apps

Our experts have gained immense experience in managing custom needs of specialized software for online banking, payment systems, and lending

E-commerce web apps

We help you in creating your own online store by using Magento, Shopify and custom frameworks. And build e-shops, B2B eCommerce portals that accelerate your growth.

Saas products

We are experts in designing multi-tenancy architecture that supports a software as a service product in managing peak loads and adapt to further increase in number of users.

Web portals

We help in creating web portals that allow users to interact with the data on the page and that offers real-time, personalized experiences like eLearning portals, Vendor portals etc.

Web-Apps re-engineering

Things didn’t work out the first time as expected? Don’t worry. Our experts will re-engineer your web app and convert it into one of the best in the industry.

Why clients choose GrowExx
for Web App Development

Custom development teams

We assemble teams for any project with regards to skills and experience. Our clients will have a team of experts who knows their industry and are proficient in workflows, methodologies, and tools

Progressive web apps using modern framework

Our team members have spent better part of the last few years in creating world-class B2B and B2C applications, focusing on EdTech, FinTech, e-Learning, Transportation, etc.

Custom delivery

Our engineers and leadership team closely works with all of our clients and apply development strategies that align with their business model, goals, and resources. Moreover, our team coaches our clients through every tech decision critical to their app.

Tech stack

Our technology stack includes the newest technologies such as Angular.js, React.js, Python, Mongo DB, Node.js, etc.

Our Web Application Development Process Using Agile

product discovery workshop

Understanding client requirements

The project is initiated after requirements are identified, prioritized, and the required resources are allocated. An estimate is calculated for the entire project. A working demo is selected as to how the work will proceed.

Sprint Planning

A sprint is a small time period during which the task is completed and ready for review. The duration of the sprint is kept small due to the flexibility it offers and to ensure the client’s feedback is received on a regular basis. Team members collaborate to clarify items/tasks to ensure shared responsibility.

Tech architecture

We break monolithic apps into microservices which are encouraged to be small, ideally built by a handful of developers. One huge benefit here is that services can be consumed and reused by other services without direct coupling through shared libraries or language bindings.

Stand-ups and demos

Stand-ups, weekly/bi-weekly demos, and weekly reviews make sure everything is synched. This is where the working demos of the module (sub-task) is presented to the client and/or senior engineers.

Testing and code reviews

Code review helps in creating software, apps with fewer defects. Also, what could be more interactive than peers’ collaborating about the code and making real-time improvements? Client’s suggestions are also worked upon at this stage and necessary changes are implemented.

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Angular.js by Google is certainly the most popular platform to develop a web application nowadays. It is an open-source, JavaScript-based development framework. And is used by companies like Google, PayPal, Netflix, Upwork, Microsoft and other biggies. However, React.js which is maintained by Facebook is not far away either as it helps in building SEO friendly, high-performance web applications.
Web application development services help in creating apps that work on a web server rather than conventional operating system of a device and are accessed by the user through a web browser over the internet. Web app developers work on creating B2B and B2C compatible web applications to meet certain business challenges of a particular industry
The most commonly used web apps include webmail, word processors and spreadsheets. Furthermore, online forms, shopping carts, spreadsheets, video and photo editing apps, and email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL are also some examples of web apps

Web apps are specific softwares designed in a way that they runs on any web browser with web specific resources. So far, we’ve developed different types of web applications which vary from a small dynamic web app to an ERP solution.

  1. Static Web Apps
  2. Dynamic Web App
  3. Online Store
  4. Portal Web Apps
This is a subjective question. For example, a static web app will cost less than a dynamic web app which in turn will cost less than a progressive web app. Hence, the type of web app and the scale of the entire product determines its cost.

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