Content Marketing Services

Authentic & results-driven content marketing services to expand your digital presence

Content Marketing Services

Every brand is unique and so should be their content & content marketing strategies. Hire GrowExx as your digital content marketing agency to make your brand stand-out, amidst the crowd.

Digital Content is getting more complex by the day. Only the finest of minds are able to put together compelling content and result oriented content marketing strategies that can boost your digital success. Our team of content creators, writers, designers, marketers; all of us ensure that we come up with authentic and unique content that gets publish amongst distinctive channels & platforms, relevant to your unique products/services.

We, as a digital content agency, are champions of exceptional high-quality content that can level up your business’s ROI. With GrowExx‘s professional content marketing strategies, your brand finds its unique expression most naturally!

Engage with your audience, derive more leads, and see your business scale with our content marketing services

Thoughtful Content Strategy

Our content strategy is not generic in any sense. We engage with our clients to understand their mindset, the unique requirements of their brands and the overall vision of the business. Through the understanding we develop a thoughtful content marketing plan jotting down the minutest of the details: how to create content, what goals will we achieve, identification of the target audience, how do we engage with our audience, how will we market the content, what metrics do we use to track the success of the content etc.

Creative Content Development

We get as creative as we can to present your unique vision to your audience in an insightful way. Be it blogs or videos, we’ll not just flash content but weave a perfect story that connects with your audience as innovatively as it can.

  • Crisp & clear content: web content writing services that entertain and engage the audience.
  • Blogs that perform: Educating and attracting your audience to the visual and engaging blogs through blog content writing services
  • Visual Infographics: Designing and presenting facts and information in the most engaging way
  • Engaging videos and animation: Something that your audience would love connecting with resulting in high conversion rates 
  • Neat newsletter designs: To keep your audience hooked on everything that’s going on inside the brand’s headquarters. 
  • Websites that perform: Website content writing services & managing neat landing pages and websites to attract more visitors. 

On-point Content Optimization

A well-done content piece is a victory in itself; however, we don’t stop just there. We optimize the content for your target audience through the use of best industry practices and techniques. Our SEO services are customized to optimize your content for search engines and your target audience.

Relevant Content Distribution & Publication

We understand that quality content needs relevant channels and strategic publication to reach your target audience. We pitch the impactful content in the right channels like social media, influencer communities, etc. to gain maximum impact. We do extensive research before we go about channeling your content in relevant directions.

Timely Content Analysis & Iteration 

We understand that content that generates interest and leads along with driving business vision has optimal value. For this we ensure to run comprehensive analysis of the content we create and publish. We create comprehensive weekly and monthly content reports to understand its performance. If there are any gaps, we reason out the loopholes and work towards a more wholesome strategy. 

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Our clients are sorted because we are sorted with a scientific content marketing process in place 

  • 1. Research

    We believe in conducting a thorough research to build a strong foundation and mark the right direction for our content marketing efforts. We undertake industry research, competitor research, etc. More than everything else, we understand what can work and not work for your unique vision in the long term. 

  • 2. Ideation

    Based on the research, we jot down all the ideas and segregate the most engaging and profitable ones to work around them. These ideas are backed by facts and figures. Our ideas are both creative and scientific to bring about value and generate business ROI 

  • 3. Setting Goals

    Our Content marketing strategy is focused on planning and setting goals. These goals are in line with the overall short- and long-term goals of your business. 

  • 4. Content Development, optimization & distribution

    We develop content based on the research, ideation and vision of the business. Every piece of content is a part of the larger plan. Just like we knit a story through our content pieces, we also knit content into our larger content marketing strategies. We ensure that our content is optimized to match the right keywords without compromising on quality. Once done we do everything that we can to distribute the content in the right channels to gain eyeballs. 

  • 5. Tracking leads & engagement

    We have our focus on the output and hence we make sure that our content performs to fulfil its purpose. 

  • 6. ROI

    The most crucial factor for the success of a content piece is that it should generate ROI. We promise that. 

Founder-Vikas Agarwal
Vikas Agarwal - Founder GrowExx
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I help clients accelerate their digital growth through software engineering and digital product development.
I also act as an advisor to help guide technology decisions and assess digital growth.

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Our Content Writing Service Includes

  • Blog Posts
  • Press Release
  • Articles
  • Copywriting
  • eBooks
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • Website Content
  • SEO Content
  • Local SEO Pages
  • Social Media Content
  • Product Description
  • Product Reviews
  • Case Study Preparation
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You have a trusted partner in us

We do have a high client retention rate. Our clients are more than willing to recommend us to their partners, friends, and colleagues. This is because what we do, we do genuinely, while keeping you in the loop all the time.

We are your own turnkey Content Marketing team

We have a dedicated team of content marketing experts, and you’ll have your own dedicated account manager. While partnering your business vision with one of our Account Managers, we’ll ensure that you always meet a familiar face that understands not just your business but also you and your requirements.

We support actionable insights to keep your business ahead amidst the competition

Whatever we do, we do it with passion. Be it content ideation, writing, or marketing. We have a strong understanding of the current industry that also allows us to support you with actionable insights to keep you ahead amidst the ever-growing competition.

Keeping a track of your growth

We are not here to just work around content marketing; but we care about your overall growth and progress. We keep track of all the numbers in a timely manner to let you know where you stand and also to measure success over a period of time.

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Content marketing can benefit your business in a number of ways. It can serve multiple purposes for the overall growth of your business. This hugely depends on the quality of the content and the purpose it wants to serve.

However, well-placed content marketing strategies can boost your brand’s persona and develop a mature audience that would find interest in what you say or do. Content Marketing can increase awareness of your brand. High-performing content can generate customer loyalty. As you grow the brand through well cut content, you can also derive website engagements and sales.

Small or large, every type of business can gain tremendously from well-placed content marketing services. From consumer brands & service-oriented businesses to tech industries, everyone can gain from consistent content marketing efforts. One of the priorities of content marketing is for you reach to your target audience, and any business would like to make their presence felt. Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from content marketing. Though the technique varies, the advantages are also many.

This is one of the most widespread misconceptions. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are not one and the same. Content Marketing is the assimilation of written, visual, and graphic material that can be visible on your website or any other digital space, whereas social media marketing takes place on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

Content marketing is not a short-term strategy; it is a long-term achievement. While you are able to see more leads and social shares within the first few months however, you should be focused on the long-term impact. Your content is able to provide value for many more years to come. You should see it as an asset to build customer loyalty, drive sales, and generate leads.

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